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New Xat Purple Power – A Total Mystery!

xat purple power

We’ve have very sketchy details regarding the new Xat, yet to be released, Purple power. All we know right now comes directly from the following chat we had with official Xat staff.

us: “Is it too early to find out about Purple?”
xat staff: “All I can say is it’s not a regular power. It’s an epic power.”
us:  “Ahh ok”
xat staff: “It will be expensive and rare.”
us: “Epic… Hmmm okay.”

Let the speculation begin, now…

New Xat Power: Diamond!

Good news! Xat has rolled out a new shape power called “diamond”. Like the name suggests, this power allows you to diamond shape any smile.

The bad news, for some anyway, is that diamond, like clear, is also a limited quantity power. Although we got to it a little late, our understanding is that only 750 were available at the time of launch. As of this post, they’re all gone.

We’ll keep any eye out for any breaking details.

Sinbin and Guestself – New Xat Powers Coming soon!

We have received an early release of two of Xats latest powers; Sinbin and Guestself.

Sinbin gives an owner the ability to correct mildly inappropriate moderator behavior and can be used in place of having to permanently demote a moderator to member. Once “sinbinned“, a red “x” appears next to the problem moderators white pawn and he/she loses all moderating powers for a specified amount of time.

– to activate sinbin, start a private chat with the moderator in question and type /n2.0 (2.0 being a number of hours)
– deactivate sinbin by either waiting for the time to expire or by re-moderating the user

Guestself, as the name implies, allows any user to “guest himself”. Regardless of user pawn rank, with guestself a user can demote himself to guest pawn instantly. In our testing, guestself worked for main owner, owner, moderator, and membered pawns.

Usage: /g in any chat

Xat Triple Background Layouts – New!

Recently we’ve been experimenting with the idea of adding different profile generators to make life a little easier for Xat users. Our first attempt at this, and definitely not the last, is a triple background generator that we think ties in nicely with Xat.

This generator allows a a user to personalize and create their own Xat triple background layout by selecting three different tile combinations.

Here’s an idea of what it does:

xat triple background layoutBefore and after using the Xat triple background generator

xat triple backgroundsA closer look at where your content would go within the innermost table

For those of you who aren’t very good with tables, CSS, and/or html, this is a very simple way to tweak the bottom half of your Xat page.

Note: This is a work in progress. Look for new features and tiles as people start to use it.

Xat Adds New Pink Power

A few days ago we blogged about the new Xat pink pawns. We assumed that it was just Xat having some fun with April Fools Day. They were in fact disabled the following day, thus confirming what we had suspected. Now however, they seem to have returned to Xat, in the form of a new power.

“Pink” (pink), the latest power to be featured on the Xat powers page, allows a user to turn their pawn, a shade of pink. This power can be used by guests or stealth owners (will be seen as light pink), and also by chat members (seen as a darker pink).

The cost of this power is: 500 xats

New Xat Power: Superkick!

After some sketchy information from last weeks Superkick rumor, we are now in possession of the new Superkick power and are ready to give you something more concrete.

The new Superkick power, like “kick’, allows one user to kick another. What makes Superkick more special is that it extends that kicking to additional user ranks.

Without Superkick:
Main owner can kick member, guest
Owner can kick member, guest
Moderator can kick member, guest

With Superkick:
Main owner can kick owner, moderator, member, banned
Owner can kick moderator, Member, banned
Moderator can kick member, banned
Member can kick banned

That’s what we’ve seen so far.

Cost: Unknown

Update: Cost 15 days, and on sale now.

New Xat Power: Invisible Owner!

xat invisible owner power

Xat is preparing to release a new power  (we blogged about it last week) called Invisible. This power allows an owner to watch over his chat without anyone seeing him. Unlike the “$’ stealth  technique, which only changes your pawn from orange to green, the invisible owner power completely hides you from view. No one, except a Main owner, will be able to see you until you interact with the chatbox, or with another user.

Visually, invisibility is marked by a semi-transparent pawn, which only you, the power holder will see (see below).

xat invisible power

If you type anything, whether it be in the main chat or in private, you forfeit your invisibility, your pawn turns solid, and everyone gets to see you (see above).

Note: Although invisiblity works for individual chatboxes, you are still seen as online in user friend lists.

Cost: Unknown