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Xat Gline – What is it?

What is Xat’s new Gline power? Well.. although we aren’t sure we know that most of you, like us, can appreciate good old fashion speculation.

We’ve decided to turn our attention to our good old friend URBAN DICTIONARY and have come up with the following:

xat gline

A quick read over options 1, 2 and 3 leaves us feeling pretty confident with only one option (hint: clearly it isn’t option three). We feel that Gline MAY have something to do with banning a troublesome user across more than one chat. Have you ever had to deal with someone so bad, obnoxious or otherwise that you’ve had to ban them from each of your chats, one-by-one? We have and it’s not fun! Could Gline possibly make it easier to do just that? :S Again, we aren’t sure.

We’ll just wait and see what Xat has in store for us :)

Off topic: Has everyone had a chance to either view or vote for Google’s World Cup Flag power?

New Kiss Preview and Practice Range

We’ve just finished up and are ready to debut our new, user suggested (thanks DontDenyYourLove!), Xat Kiss generator.

With it we hope that everyone will more thoroughly understand how Xat kisses work, what some of the kiss options are, and  just how cool they really can be. We also see this Xat Kiss generator as a good tool for experimenting with pull, bugs, and globe type kisses to see which Xat smileys are currently functioning and which aren’t. In our testing, we’ve concluded that IF it doesn’t show up on the Xat kiss generator, it will not show up in a chatbox (see below).

We’ve all seen these spaces before…

xat kiss generator

Turns out that if you choose to send a Kiss to someone and choose a smiley that isn’t visible, you get this (someone please correct me if I’m wrong)…

xat kiss generator

Using the Kiss generator you could check firsthand, before purchasing a kiss, if your particular smiley choice was working or not. Good? We hope so!

Try the Xatworld Kiss generator here

Special thanks to DontDenyYourLove for the idea (submitted to us via the Xatworld Idea Factory page). He will be getting a $10 Ultimate game card code for helping out.

SILLY to be Next Xat Power – some info!

xat silly power

xat silly power

Today Xat announced that the next power will be the SILLY power. With little to go on right now, it *looks* to be a Smiley power.

Here are some (all?) of the SILLY smileys:


Those who already have the power can go test it out on the xat_test chat.

Credit goes to Hean for getting us the screenshots and the list of Smileys. Thanks Hean! :)

Coochie Coochie Coo! A look at Xat’s TICKLE power

Sometime last night, Xat passed along another one of their cryptic messages. This one had to do with Tickle; Xat power (81). It read as follows:

“…When someone clicks on you, you will be notified in a new user list…”

Puzzled, we headed straight for the Xatworld xat_test chat and with HEAN’S help  (thank you Hean!), and a few users in Xat’s own xat_test chat, we were able to gather the following information.

What Tickle does:

The new Tickle power activates a new user list (denoted by a white triangle) to the right of the traditional VISITORS and FRIENDS tabs. When another user, regardless of where they are on Xat, clicks on your nick, that triangle changes to green; alerting you to the fact that “someone” has clicked your nick. Want to know who would dare do such a thing? Easy, just click the green triangle and you will gain access to a new user list showing exactly who and/or how many people have clicked on your nick. That’s it!


xat tickle power

xat tickle power

xat tickle power

No news on pricing, availability, or when it might be released.

Update 1: Thanks ACK, Ziggy… typo corrected!
Update 2
: Tickle eventually to be free for those that have activated ACCOUNT LOCKING

Xat Implements New Security Feature

xat security
Xat has just added a new security feature that more effectively protects your account against potential phishing.

How it works

Users that only access their Xat accounts from home or from one specific computer, can now activate “account locking”. This will restrict access to your Xat account to only the one computer that has initiated the lock. If you were to move house or change internet providers you would first have to turn off locking beforehand.

Try it out!

IMPORTANT: xat staff will never ask you to turn off account locking. If anyone asks you to turn off account locking they are trying to access your account and steal your stuff..

Complete list of every official Xat avatar – This time for real! ;)

xat avatars

Great news! A few people turned us on to a goof on our part; namely that although we *thought* there were only 1000 avatars, there are in fact more… 1759 to be exact (that includes Avatar “0”). Even better news, we now have all of them accounted for, including the three “missing” avatars. Yay for that!

Now the seemingly bad news. The file size has roughly doubled :) So, be forewarned that you’ll be loading roughly an 800k image.

Hope that helps someone out there.

Special thanks to Fleury7469, Viren, and Xavier for pointing out that there were in fact more avatars out there.