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New Xat Power RANKPOOL

Xat’s latest power is rumored to be RANKPOOL.

What it does:
– users will be able to create private pools and set their entry permissions (i.e. accessible only by members, mods, owners, etc…)
– users will be able to edit the names of the first two pools

In this example, a user has created a private “mods only” pool (only open to mods and owners) and a public “main” pool (open to everyone).
xat rankpool

From what we gather, private pools are only visible to those user ranks having permissions to enter said pool.

Official smile, when available, will be shown here:

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Zomm – iPhone security leash

I came across this over the weekend and thought I’d share. Maybe someone will find it useful (video below).

Zomm, a small electronic security device that connects to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android via bluetooth, is a wireless leash that sounds an alarm whenever you separate 20-40 feet from your mobile phone. If you’ve ever lost a mobile phone, maybe even had one stolen from you, it may be of interest. You can attach it to your keychain, a purse strap, your belt buckle or throw it in a backpack.

zomm iphone

zomm keychain</ins>

Check it out

Xat Power 112 is ANNOUNCE

Tweeted by @xatinformation a few minutes ago, we now know that Xat’s latest power (112) is the new ANNOUNCE power.

Announce allows you to create and display a custom welcome message to users entering your chat. Unlike scroll, this message appears prominently in the main chat window (see below).

xat announce powerImage credit goes to @xatinformation

xat announce smile
click image to view xat smileys animation

More to come…