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Challenge accepted – Supporter!

…not from us, but from a Brazilian radio station chat; two of them actually (Docedado and RadioCantoUniversal). Seems that sometime this week, RadioCantoUniversal, popped up on the supported list out of nowhere; assigning a record 2345 SUPPORTER to their chat; beating out Docedado by several hundred. Today however, seems that “Docedado” has taken it personally and accepted the challenge. They have added roughly 1000 additional supporter to their chat pulling ahead to 2602.

Here’s where they are right now:


Here’s the breakdown of what they spent to get there:

For U$200 We can buy Xat’s  pack of 33,000 xats + 1980 days (currently the biggest bang for your buck)

Let’s cash those days in to make things easier. At roughly market value we get:
(1980 days * 13 xats) + the original 33,000 xats from the pack above = 60,540 xats

Worst case scenario, let’s say they had to buy supporter at cost (100 xats per unit). Here’s what they spent to get those 2602 supporter:
2602 supporter * 100 xats = 260,200 xats

That value translated to U$ (dollars):
260,200 / 60,540 xats = 4.3 blocks of Xat’s U$200 pack option or roughly U$860.00

Let’s see if RadioCantoUniversal hits back with another purchase :)



Xatblogs banned game idea contest


Welcome to’s first contest! The purpose of this contest is to have you, the Xat fanatic that you are, come up with the next idea for Xat’s series of somethingbanned games  (i.e. snakebanned, spacebanned, matchbanned, etc…).

xat game idea contest 1

xat game idea contest 2

This contest is open to all registered Xat users. If you can doodle, sketch, or draw, you can do this!. First think of a neat idea; something that you think would lend itself nicely to a Xat themed banning game. Have one? Great! Now grab a pencil and a piece of paper, fire up Paint, Photoshop, Pixlr, or use any medium of your choosing; anything that can  effectively be used to communicate your idea to Xat staff. When you’re ready, submit your idea below.

At the end of the contest, the top four entries will be chosen, they will be published here and each user will be awarded their corresponding prize (see below).

How to get started

1. register on
2. think of an idea
3. submit your idea

Contest rules and disclaimer

– all entries must be submitted here before Thursday September 29, 2011
– all entries will be held in a private queue until the end of the contest
– all entries must include (1) the game name and (2) description, (3) links to any relevant artwork, and (4) your registered Xat ID number

Game name:
Game description:
Relevant links:
Xat ID number:

– by submitting your idea below you agree to automatically grant to Xat (you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant), a ltd. full irrevocable copyright for their winning game design


1st place = Boot + Test power
2nd place = Angel
3rd place = Fade
4th place = Heart

-= Second chance bonus =-

If we reach 300 Facebook Xatblogs fans (try recruiting your FB friends) by September 29th, 2011, I’ll raffle off one GBACK power and come up with a reasonably fair idea so that everyone has an equal chance of winning – no skill required.

This contest is co-sponsored by – Xat resource site


1st place
Boot + Test power goes to Labyrinth Ban – TheAbnormal – 234150271

xatblogs banned game contest

2nd place
Angel goes to Whack a Ban – 287189088

xatblogs banned game contest

3rd place
Fade goes to Smiley Ban – SJBB – 147119047

xatblogs banned game contest

4th place
Heart goes to Memory Ban – dingobols2 – 376762524

xatblogs banned game contest

CONTEST: Come up with Xat’s next game!

Details of this contest can be found within the Xatblogs contests group so I’ll make this short and sweet. :)

The basic contest idea is to come up with some fresh ideas for Xat’s next snakebanned, spacebanned, matchbanned type game. Something that will tie in with that concept.

You have just over two weeks to ask questions, to rough out an idea, and to submit it. Hopefully they (Xat) get some good ideas and lots of participation from everyone.

Good luck to everyone! I’m closing comments on this post so as not to confuse anyone about where to submit their idea.

xat game idea contest 1

xat game idea contest 2

Login to your Xat chat to prevent group transfers

xat chat group transfer
Nothing new here, just a commentary on the importance of logging into your chat groups occasionally if you want to keep them.

As chat names become more and more scarce, great chat names are becoming harder and harder to come by. Some may not know this but Xat allows users to purchase chats that have been abandoned by their owners. Xat clearly states on their chat group transfer page that,

“…your group has to be ownerless for more than 3 months to be transferred…”

So, by Xat definition, any chat that hasn’t had owner involvement for more than 3 months is considered abandoned and can freely be purchased by someone else.

My suggestion to all is that if you have a great chat name, calculate your 3-month expiration date, then be sure to either set up an alarm on your mobile phone or have it written down in your organizer. Do what you have to but be sure to minimally sign into your chat, ownered of course, before month 3 rolls around. You’ll be happy you did :)

Looking for more great information? Go register on right now! We’re actively writing their as well.

Familiar Xat world graphic

I’m including this because I’ve seen this graphic floating all around the internet; sometimes as a Xat avatar, a Xat logo or header, a Facebook fan page avatar, etc… I thought it was time to share its source.

The backstory here is that while writing a Xatworld blog post titled “Xatworld Global Sites – More coming!” I needed a graphic; something that captured the essence of that article. The obvious choice for me was the planet earth. I did a bit of Googling and came across the following image.

xat world 1

I brought that image into Photoshop and added a Xat planet blue overlay to get this.

xat world 2

Looking at the PSD it looks like I then used Xat’s own logo to create the lettering.

xat world 3

After removing the navy blue background and blowing up the font, this was the end result; the same graphic that I’ve seen used countless times around the internet.

xat world 4