xatBlogs.com hits 500 users – almost!

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Yes we know, we said we would report back when xatBlogs.com reached its 1,000th user, but since they hit 500 so fast that we couldn’t help ourselves.

As of this post Xat Blogs current member count stands at just 2 users shy of its 500th xat blogs user.

Having said that, we really will follow up when Xat Blogs hits 1,000 users! In the meantime, keep your eye on the xatBlogs website, the fastest growing site for Xat bloggers, for the very latest in Xat info and contests. Oh, and if you still haven’t reserved your xatBlogs blog/username, get it here before someone else does.

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Hello there :) Most users (actually everyone) knows me by my Xat nick Joombly. I've been on Xat since 2007 and have been trying to help users navigate their way around Xat ever since then. I was main owner of xat.com/Ayuda & xat.com/Cambio (retired from both in June of 2013), and I also operate a few xat related help sites (xatworld, mundoxat, and planetaxat).