Xat Fruit Update – Banana + more!

We’ve just received word that we’re a half hour away from having an additional fruit, banana, added to the Xat fruit power.

Most people already know that the Xat fruit power allows a user to add varying fruit characteristics to any yellow Xat smiley. Typically, users without the power are still able to use the fruit smilies to adorn their nicks within the chat. This time around Xat has made one small change with respect to that; only those users who have the fruit power will be able to use even the fruit smilies. At the moment we’re still waiting to get visual confirmation, so we can’t be sure if it will affect all fruit smilies or just the new “banana”. We’ll have to wait and see!

Look for those changes in the next 20 – 30 minutes!

Update: Banana is out, and we can confirm that you do in fact need the fruit power to use any of the fruit smilies.

xat fruit banana

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  1. light58 says:

    do u need powers to get like the (mario8) picture as your xat picture