Sinbin and Guestself – New Xat Powers Coming soon!

We have received an early release of two of Xats latest powers; Sinbin and Guestself.

Sinbin gives an owner the ability to correct mildly inappropriate moderator behavior and can be used in place of having to permanently demote a moderator to member. Once “sinbinned“, a red “x” appears next to the problem moderators white pawn and he/she loses all moderating powers for a specified amount of time.

– to activate sinbin, start a private chat with the moderator in question and type /n2.0 (2.0 being a number of hours)
– deactivate sinbin by either waiting for the time to expire or by re-moderating the user

Guestself, as the name implies, allows any user to “guest himself”. Regardless of user pawn rank, with guestself a user can demote himself to guest pawn instantly. In our testing, guestself worked for main owner, owner, moderator, and membered pawns.

Usage: /g in any chat

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