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‘Tis almost the season for Xat Christmas avatars

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Can you feel it? Neighbors fervently decorating their homes with Christmas lights, bows, ribbons and wreaths. Feel that tingle in the air?

Christmas is here and so is our yearly reminder that you can get one of zJario’s, now familiar, Xat Christmas avatars!

Also, Furia has kindly and freely donated the image below for personal use. Great for creating Christmas themed Xat backgrounds, Xat avatars or Xat images.

Download: http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/8799/santaclaushatcliparthig.png

Complete list of every official Xat avatar – This time for real! ;)

xat avatars

Great news! A few people turned us on to a goof on our part; namely that although we *thought* there were only 1000 avatars, there are in fact more… 1759 to be exact (that includes Avatar “0”). Even better news, we now have all of them accounted for, including the three “missing” avatars. Yay for that!

Now the seemingly bad news. The file size has roughly doubled :) So, be forewarned that you’ll be loading roughly an 800k image.

Hope that helps someone out there.

Special thanks to Fleury7469, Viren, and Xavier for pointing out that there were in fact more avatars out there.

Complete list of every official Xat avatar!

xat avatars

Born of our own frustrations, we’ve taken on the task of compiling a complete list of every Xat avatar that exists (ummm, minus 3 oddball avi’s that for some reason just don’t want to play nice) and placed them all on one page.

Below each avatar is displayed its corresponding avatar code which, as you know, can be used directly on Xat.com; this is especially good for you non-subscribers as you will no longer have to play the “avatar lottery” to find that Bart Simpson that you accidentally passed by; grrrrrrr!