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GKPANDA (118) – Xat’s next group power

Xat’s new power 118, which has been named GKPANDA, has found a new home amongst Xat’s other gk’esque type smileys; (gkkitty)(gkbear)(gkaliens)(gkaoani) and now (GKPANDA). Cleary another group power, gkpanda contains “at least” the following 10 smilies:


The power smiley can be seen here (or below) and can be activated in your chats admin. Still no news on how much it will cost or if it will be limited. More gkpanda chatter here.



Xat has new pawns!

This is mostly a recap of what went on earlier today.

Christmas pawns

Most already know that Xat has announced it’s next power, WINTER. What Xat didn’t announce was it’s flurry of new pawn releases. Side note: sorry for the barrage of Tweets but news of each new pawn literally came to us that quickly and that spread out (thank you again VIR3N).

So let’s see…since this first group of new pawns do seem to share a common theme “cough.. Christmas.. cough, cough”, let’s just call them “Christmas themed pawns”. We were able to spot the following:

Try (hat#hg) for the sack-like pawn. You’ll need CHRISTMAS and HAT:
xat winter pawn

Try (hat#hc) for the ice-cube (yeah, that’s what we’re calling them) candy pawn. You’ll need CHRISTMAS and HAT:
xat winter pawn

This one is a mystery (Christmas tree pawn?). Rumored to be (hat#ht). You’ll need to have HAT & WINTER. If you know the code please help everyone out by posting in the comments:
xat winter pawn

This one is also a mystery (let’s call it a scarf snowman pawn) the snowman pawn. You’ll need to have HAT and WINTER. Again, if you know the code please post in the comments below:
xat winter pawn

xat snowman

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Xat’s new BARGE power

Xat has just announced testing of BARGE, it’s next power. With it chat owners and moderators will have instant access to a chats overflow “pools”.

Note: pools are created in an effort to minimize chat lag. When a chat box reaches it’s 61st user, that user thrown into a sort of sub chat called a “pool”. Every 60 users creates a new pool. This is commonly seen in heavily trafficked chats like Trade and Cambio.

xat pools

One common problem is that once a pool has reached 60 users it’s considered full and there is no way to enter. You would typically be forced to wait until someone left the pool before being able to enter (problematic if you are moderating a chat and can’t get back into the main chat for example). Xat’s BARGE power allows owners and moderators to bypass this waiting period, giving them instant access to any pool they want.

Official smiley should show up here when it’s released:

Update1: @Vir3n pointed out that Xat BARGE is listed under GCONTROL (see image below):
Update2: @Spell pointed out that Gcontrol only allows you to set who can barge in. Barging in will still require the barge power regardless of the gcontrol setting.

xat barge

How to use Xat HORROR power

Earlier today Mundoxat blogger, Defect, posted what appears to be a sneak peak at Xat’s HORROR power flix interface (see below).

how to use xat horror power

The current interface allows for the selection of two effects, either “skeleton” or “eyes”;  “Horror” themed effects that can be applied to the flix backgrounds that come with this new power (currently viewable on http://xat.com/xat_test).

Other options include the ability to change colors, horizontal & vertical offset,  as well as some degree of scaling. One final option, called “background”, allows a user to choose between either “web” or “moon”.

For a more thorough review of Xat’s new Horror power, give this post a read.

Coochie Coochie Coo! A look at Xat’s TICKLE power

Sometime last night, Xat passed along another one of their cryptic messages. This one had to do with Tickle; Xat power (81). It read as follows:

“…When someone clicks on you, you will be notified in a new user list…”

Puzzled, we headed straight for the Xatworld xat_test chat and with HEAN’S help  (thank you Hean!), and a few users in Xat’s own xat_test chat, we were able to gather the following information.

What Tickle does:

The new Tickle power activates a new user list (denoted by a white triangle) to the right of the traditional VISITORS and FRIENDS tabs. When another user, regardless of where they are on Xat, clicks on your nick, that triangle changes to green; alerting you to the fact that “someone” has clicked your nick. Want to know who would dare do such a thing? Easy, just click the green triangle and you will gain access to a new user list showing exactly who and/or how many people have clicked on your nick. That’s it!


xat tickle power

xat tickle power

xat tickle power

No news on pricing, availability, or when it might be released.

Update 1: Thanks ACK, Ziggy… typo corrected!
Update 2
: Tickle eventually to be free for those that have activated ACCOUNT LOCKING

Xat Powers Nick Generators

We’ve added two more Xat powers nick generators to our website. Our intent is to place everything on one page and have that page dedicated to powers nick creation.

We already have the Nameglow generator, and now we’ve added two more; a Beam and Anime nick generator.

Give each of them a look. They’re meant to take the hassle and guesswork out of creating colored nicks using the most common Xat powers.

Buy Powers Page Newish’ness – What?

Anyone who frequents the Xat buy powers page (don’t we all) will surely have noticed a tiny addition, two actually.

Xat has added a vertical row of Xat rockets. These rockets mark only those powers that are required to qualify for, that o so glorious, “ALLPOWERS”. In fact, stated right there on the Buy Powers page, in black and white, next to the allpowers “power” Xat says:

“To qualify for allpowers you need to have one of each available standard power (marked with a rocket). Powers that are limited in quantity and epic powers are not required”.

Users will also note that Xat has color highlighted the banish power in a pukish, I-don’t-feel-so-well, shade of green; we’re guessing so differentiate the first of many more group powers.

Anyway, hope that help someone out there. Here is an image for ya!

Next Xat Power – Easter

Xat announced it’s latest power just over an hour ago; it’s Easter! Testing has started, the power will be limited, and it should be out on or before Sunday, April 4th.

Below are the Easter themed smilies:

basket, bunny, bunny2, chick, egg2, paintegg

xat easter

xat easter

xat easter

xat easter

xat easter

xat easter

Blueman – We were Slow to GET IT :)

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, we think that this one more appropriately demonstrates the significance of Blueman than anything else.

xat blueman

For those that still don’t get it (err… it took us awhile too), you only need to look as far as Xat’s own tweet:

Next power is blueman, think pink only blue.

Blueman really doesn’t have anything to do with user rank. In fact, if you get a chance grab a teste, knock him over the head and drag him off if you have to, and have him/her show you what Blueman looks like next to a member pawn. The difference is subtle but it is there; Blueman being just a touch darker than member. It literally is just like Pink only Blue. Maybe this is Xat’s answer to what has seemingly always been thought of as a “girly” color (Pink). Doesn’t it make sense then, that if Pink equals Girl, that Blueman should equal Boy? Could this be the making of Xat’s first (or second) gender oriented power?

Just a thought :)

Update: ACKirbachu was nice enough to submit this comparision showing the difference between Blueman blue, and member blue…