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New Xat Smile/Kiss: SHARK!

Xat has added a new “secret” kiss (check the wiki for more info on what a kiss is and how to send it) to it’s current list of kisses.

Personally we were experiencing “new powers overload” and welcome this new change! Anyway, here are a few screenshots showing the new secret “Shark” kiss and what you’ll have to know to use it (hint: type $SetKiss=Shark in the chat prior to using it). Oh, one more thing, although we haven’t seen it, Xat has apparently created a (shark) smiley as well.

xat shark kiss

xat shark kiss

xat shark kiss

xat shark kiss

For the few of you that may have been sleeping under a rock for the past decade or flat out don’t own a television, this new kiss is clearly Xat’s own take on Peter Benchley’s novel cover or the blockbuster movies better known movie still. See the similarities?

jaws poster

Three New Xat Costume Smilies!

xat smilies

Xat has been working on and has semi-released three new Xat smilies that we think will also play a role in the soon to be released costumes power; crown, partyhat and facemask.

Just like those mentioned before, at this moment, only the blank placeholders are appearing. We suspect that Xat is holding off on officially integrating these new smilies into the smilies tab until the costumes power finally does go on sale.

xat smilies

Three new Xat smilie codes:

Look for more to be released in the smiley tab of any chat.

Xat Costumes Power – Coming!

xat costumes

Xat has a new Costumes power that looks to be released very soon. From what little we’ve been able to piece together, Xat’s new costumes power allows a user to mix and match yellow smiles with certain predefined costume smilies; cowboy (cb), ninja (ninja) and several new smiles that are now slowly trickling in (blank spaces have been made for at least four new ones) and appearing on the smilies tab.

Look for:

Look for more info soon.

Alert: Hair Spotted on Xat!

xat hair

We’ve spotted two new Xat powers called Hairm and Hairf, which we’re assuming are short for “hair male” and “hair female”; at least that’s what we think, judging from this screenshot.

xat hair power

The hair power allows you to put hair on any of the yellow Xat smilies. It will be available in the form of two separate powers, one for the guys named hairm, and a second for girls respectively named harif, and will work in conjunction with these five new smilies (currently in the smilies tab).

xat hair smilies

One final bit of information, users will also be able to make use of color codes to change the hair color.

New Xat Smillies Alert!

new xat smilies

It looks like Xat is preparing a big block of new smilies. Right now, in the smilie list, all we see are blank placeholders where the new smilies will eventually be placed.

Hovering our mouse over each space gives us the following new Xat smilies:

angel, susake, vegeta, loser, rockon, palms, thumbsup, thumbsdown

Among the blanks we also still see “chew”; which has been blank for sometime now.

Update May 18th: Here are the new smilies that were leaked over the weekend.

xat smilies goku