Free Ultimate Game Card – Winner!

free ultimate game cards

Today we gave away our second Ultimate game card; this one worth $10 (1200 xats and 60 days). Those users following our Twitter account were notified yesterday and again today, some 45 minutes before the giveway, that we would publish the URL to a chat. Users were asked to login to the chatbox as quickly as they could as only the first five to enter would qualify for the next round; a Xat related trivia question :).

The winner was Yaseeeen16 (141752982), who was the first to “correctly” answer:

Question: “What is the current price of the mod8 Xat power?”
Answer: 500 xats

Honorable mention goes out to the other four finalists which include MrCLoneMkw (first one to enter the chat), xJoMan112x (this is Joman’s second time to make into the finalists), PurpLeAndrew (Andrew was the fastest at answering the trivia question but unfortunately failed to specify his answer in xats or days), and NamikazesHeir.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

To those who didn’t/couldn’t make it or just didn’t know, be sure to follow our Twitter feed ( for the next contest. It should be sometime next week and we have more cards to giveaway!

Good luck!

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  1. Rgre1 says:

    Oh My Goodness Oh My Goodness I Cant WaiT!

  2. xJoMan112x says:

    Heh, it was close but I was too slow. How much you wanna bet I’ll be a finalist in the next contest too? XD

  3. thesasuke14 says:

    xat should give some xats away to those who cant afford them then giving them away to ppl who can already get xats