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Welcome to Xatblogs.com’s first contest! The purpose of this contest is to have you, the Xat fanatic that you are, come up with the next idea for Xat’s series of somethingbanned games  (i.e. snakebanned, spacebanned, matchbanned, etc…).

xat game idea contest 1

xat game idea contest 2

This contest is open to all registered Xat users. If you can doodle, sketch, or draw, you can do this!. First think of a neat idea; something that you think would lend itself nicely to a Xat themed banning game. Have one? Great! Now grab a pencil and a piece of paper, fire up Paint, Photoshop, Pixlr, or use any medium of your choosing; anything that can  effectively be used to communicate your idea to Xat staff. When you’re ready, submit your idea below.

At the end of the contest, the top four entries will be chosen, they will be published here and each user will be awarded their corresponding prize (see below).

How to get started

1. register on Xatblogs.com
2. think of an idea
3. submit your idea

Contest rules and disclaimer

– all entries must be submitted here before Thursday September 29, 2011
– all entries will be held in a private queue until the end of the contest
– all entries must include (1) the game name and (2) description, (3) links to any relevant artwork, and (4) your registered Xat ID number

Game name:
Game description:
Relevant links:
Xat ID number:

– by submitting your idea below you agree to automatically grant to Xat (you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant), a Xat.com ltd. full irrevocable copyright for their winning game design


1st place = Boot + Test power
2nd place = Angel
3rd place = Fade
4th place = Heart

-= Second chance bonus =-

If we reach 300 Facebook Xatblogs fans (try recruiting your FB friends) by September 29th, 2011, I’ll raffle off one GBACK power and come up with a reasonably fair idea so that everyone has an equal chance of winning – no skill required.

This contest is co-sponsored by Xatworld.com – Xat resource site


1st place
Boot + Test power goes to Labyrinth Ban – TheAbnormal – 234150271

xatblogs banned game contest

2nd place
Angel goes to Whack a Ban – 287189088

xatblogs banned game contest

3rd place
Fade goes to Smiley Ban – SJBB – 147119047

xatblogs banned game contest

4th place
Heart goes to Memory Ban – dingobols2 – 376762524

xatblogs banned game contest

140 Responses

  1. jeado says:

    its a game where ya have ti hit the blocks and destroy them the longer the ban the more blocks there is and the harder they are to destroy.

  2. xatblogs says:

    Note to winners – give Xat a few days to transfer the powers to my account. I’ll then contact each of you via your Xatblogs email address.


  3. dingobol says:

    Still not received my prize for 4th place. Where to go to get it?

  4. madhatter says:

    ooooo i actully won something :O lol thx <3 and gratz everyone else lol

  5. SJBB says:

    I won fade 😀
    Congratulations to all the other winners and a big thank you to joombly for hosting the contest 🙂

  6. xatblogs says:


    A big thanks to everyone that participated in the contest. Feel free to leave your comments, congratulations, etc.. below.. just be nice 🙂

    I’ll get working on an idea for the next contest.

  7. xatblogs says:


    Winners will hopefully be announced next week… along with the details of the GBACK contest.

    Thank you to everyone who participated!

  8. SJBB says:

    Hey all
    I have a finally finished my ban game suggestions and will share them below. Just before I do here are my details:
    Game Name: All the game names are below along with how to win the game.
    Related Links: All the pictures and details of the game can be found here: http://www.sjbb.co.uk/bangame-contest.html
    Reg Name: SJBB (147119047)

    1st Game: Mazeban Level 1
    This is level 1 of the mazeban game. You have to simply find your way around the maze and look for the key. Once you find the key you will have to find your way to the exit.

    MazeBan Level 2
    This is level 2 of the mazeban game. You have to collect the gun from the box and shoot at the enemy. On this level the enemy is able to move around but not fire bullets at you. Ttry to use the walls to get some cover. You only have 3 live and once they run out the game will restart. Use your ammo well as the boxed do not come back once picked up. Each box contains 5 bullets. It will take 25 bullets to kill the enemy. Once you kill the enemya key will appear. Collect the key and then head over to the door to complete the level.

    MazeBan Level 3:
    This is mazeban level 3. When you start of there will be moving walls that close in and out. If you are hit by one of theses walls you will loose a life. Once you pass all of the moving walls you will need to pick up the rocket launcher. You have unlimted ammo for this gun. The enemys that you see on the picture will turn around slowly firing deadly fire balls. If you are hit by one of theses fiire balls you will loose a life. If you loose all your lifes the level will restart. When firing be careful not to shoot when you are behind a wall otherwise you will loose a life.Each enemy must be hit 5 times to be destroyed. If needed use the walls for cover. Once all enemys are destroyed a key will appear which will unlock the door to complete the level.

    MazeBan Level 4
    This is mazeban level 4. The enemys on this are cannos that shoot fire balls at you. If hit by one you will loose a life. If you loose all your lifes the level will restart. When you satrt of you have to move down the path to get the shield. When you have the shiled the fire balls will bounce of the shiled hitting the fire cannos. Once all the cannos are destoryed you will then see a key appear which will allow you to complete the level.

    MazeBan Level 5
    This is mazeban level 5. To defeat this boss you will have to pick up the weapon box which incldes a rocket launcher. You have to shoot the boss until hes dies before he kills you. This boss is able to shoot fire balls at you and charge at you. If you are hit 3 times you will have to restart the level.

    2nd Game: HighLowBan
    HigjhLowBan is a ban game whhere you have to guess if the card is higher or lower than the current card. Lets say I had a 5 and I went lower and the next card was a 6. The game would reset and I would have to start back again at card 1. The higher the ban the more cards you have to go through. You are also timed so make sure you are quick with sorting through theses cards.

    3rd Game: BasketBan
    To win this game the user must score shoot the balls into the right baskets before the tme runs out. Every time you score a different basket will light up. If you miss a basket your score will go down by one. If you shoot the ball into the basket your score goes up. Make sure you are looking what basket lights up before you shoot. You are also timed to be quick when playing.

    Note: The amount of balls you shoot and the time you have will depend on the length of your ban.

    4th Game: LavaBan
    This game is called lavaban. All you have to do to win the game is use your mouse to guide the man through the path without him touching the lava. If he touches the lava the game will restart. This is level 1 and more levels can easily be made up if this power was acually to be made. It will work just like mazeban suggestion.

    5th Game: PongBan
    In this game you have to keep on hitting the ping pong ball back to the other side. In order to win you must keep on hitting the ball until you have reached your goal. If you miss a ball then you will loose a point of your score. If you hit the ball back then you gain a point. You are also timed so make sure you don’t miss any balls.
    Note: The more balls you have to hit and the time you have is based on the lenth of the ban.

    6th Game: QuizBan
    This is quizban. All you have to do to win the game is answerd all the questions correct. You have 15 seconds to answer each question. If you select the wrong question its game over and the game will restart. If you get the question correct then you move onto the next question until you have reached the target. When you reach your trarget you will be unbanned.
    Note: The more questions you have to answer depends on the length of the ban. The time may also be lowerd to 10 seconds per a question. If this power was to be made I can easily create a long list of questions

    7th Game: SmileyBan
    This is smileyban. In order to win at this game you must name all the smileys correct. The smileys that you have to name could be a free smiley or even a smiley which is part of a power. You have 10 seconds to answer each smiley if the time runs out you will skip that smiley and will loose a point. If you name the smiley correct you will move on to the next smiley and increase your score by 1 point. Once you have reached your goal you will be unbanned.
    Note: The more smileys you will have to name depend on the length of the ban.

    REMEMBER: All pictures and details can be found at http://www.sjbb.co.uk/bangame-contest.html if you are confused.

    Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone.

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