Xatblogs banned game idea contest


Welcome to Xatblogs.com’s first contest! The purpose of this contest is to have you, the Xat fanatic that you are, come up with the next idea for Xat’s series of somethingbanned games  (i.e. snakebanned, spacebanned, matchbanned, etc…).

xat game idea contest 1

xat game idea contest 2

This contest is open to all registered Xat users. If you can doodle, sketch, or draw, you can do this!. First think of a neat idea; something that you think would lend itself nicely to a Xat themed banning game. Have one? Great! Now grab a pencil and a piece of paper, fire up Paint, Photoshop, Pixlr, or use any medium of your choosing; anything that can  effectively be used to communicate your idea to Xat staff. When you’re ready, submit your idea below.

At the end of the contest, the top four entries will be chosen, they will be published here and each user will be awarded their corresponding prize (see below).

How to get started

1. register on Xatblogs.com
2. think of an idea
3. submit your idea

Contest rules and disclaimer

– all entries must be submitted here before Thursday September 29, 2011
– all entries will be held in a private queue until the end of the contest
– all entries must include (1) the game name and (2) description, (3) links to any relevant artwork, and (4) your registered Xat ID number

Game name:
Game description:
Relevant links:
Xat ID number:

– by submitting your idea below you agree to automatically grant to Xat (you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant), a Xat.com ltd. full irrevocable copyright for their winning game design


1st place = Boot + Test power
2nd place = Angel
3rd place = Fade
4th place = Heart

-= Second chance bonus =-

If we reach 300 Facebook Xatblogs fans (try recruiting your FB friends) by September 29th, 2011, I’ll raffle off one GBACK power and come up with a reasonably fair idea so that everyone has an equal chance of winning – no skill required.

This contest is co-sponsored by Xatworld.com – Xat resource site


1st place
Boot + Test power goes to Labyrinth Ban – TheAbnormal – 234150271

xatblogs banned game contest

2nd place
Angel goes to Whack a Ban – 287189088

xatblogs banned game contest

3rd place
Fade goes to Smiley Ban – SJBB – 147119047

xatblogs banned game contest

4th place
Heart goes to Memory Ban – dingobols2 – 376762524

xatblogs banned game contest

140 Responses

  1. ICode says:

    Second entry:
    Game name: Bow and arrow game ban.
    Game description : A user plays a game of bow and arrow when he is banned, he tries to hit a certain target about 5 times, note the board moves a little, so it’s more difficult.
    Relevant links : http://prntscr.com/395qx I made that.

    Xat Id number: Damn (94627310) a.k.a Code.

  2. dingobol says:

    will show where the winners?

  3. Stahpizzaa says:

    Who won?

  4. champ344 says:

    Game name:
    – arrowkeyban

    Game description:
    – a arrowkeybanned user has the chance to get out of a ban by completeing a arrowkey matching game.

    – in this game, different arrows that vary in color fly up. once they are straight overlaping the empty arrows, you must click that arrow key on your keyboard. bonuses are awarded; 1 perfect match gets you 1 point, the second perfect match straight after that gets you 2 points. the third one after that gets you 3 points AND SO ON… once you break the perfect chain, you start all over again.

    – the more hours you get banned, the higher of score you will have to achieve.

    Relevant links:

    Xat ID number:
    – KingPutt (300721337)

  5. Rhinoceros says:

    Rhinoceros on September 16, 2011 at 5:39 am said:
    A racebanned user has the chance to get out of the ban by completing a race game.

    If you have this power and HAT power you can use a raceban pawn: (hat#rb)

    The Raceban power allows you to ban visitors in your chat and have them play a “Racing” game to get unbanned.

    The game requires you to race a computer (it gets harder the longer the ban). use the arrow buttons to move left or right. Using the up arrow allows you to move foward.

    To win you must beat the computer until the amount of races (depending on the ban time). there will be more computers racing and the amount of objects in the race will increase overtime!

    use arrows to move around to avoid objects in front of the track

    the amount of computer (other racers) you face will increase every round of the race

    Original Idea By: Rhinoceros (378200910)

    you can choose the the type of race using gcontrol like horses, cars, smilies, etc. if you both both raceban and gcontrol you can set default race and other settings.

    example of: raceban


    (horses) but other types of races can be selected

    also i am making more frame for this so if it doesnt move it means i am still building more info the gif file (animation)

    Rhinoceros (378200910)

  6. cooper says:

    heres my entry:


    its called (footballban) (FBB)

    The idea is you have a throw a football into the football target it will basiaclly be like a madden bar kind of thing with a power bar like i will explain later in text 😉 so if you get (FBB) for 1 hour you have to get 100 points or however you want to score it so it still counts as a competitive timed game like matchban, snakeban and spaceban. The player will have a Xat Jersey with a xat helmet (just making a suggestion).You will have in the power bar part to throw the ball it will representate the power of the ball you want to make it all you have to do is hold the “mouse” down untill you want the power.

    Revelent Links like other photoos you can look at to see.


    its just like that power bar but it will be that strait one on the side,next the ball.


    its like that with a power bar and it will have targets on a football feild.

    My ID is adamLeecooper1 (237496209)

  7. slayermiss says:

    Game name: Music Catch (mcatchban)

    Game description: this game depends on catching music melody from Symphony,music melody has two colours (blue,red)
    blue one Increase your score
    red one decrease score ,so you can’t easily avoid the ban
    use mouse to play it

    Relevant links:
    Xat ID number: slayermiss1992 (258744071)

  8. ICode says:

    Game name: Cross-Word-Puzzle or Word search puzzle.
    Game description: This game basically entails the core specificity of words related to xat. I have provided what it looks like in the relevant links. It’s not ordained to be like that, but around that, tweak it up a little. Basically, that’s the concept, feel free to change it up as you want.
    Relevant links: http://prntscr.com/3758j http://prntscr.com/3758v http://prntscr.com/375p4 http://prntscr.com/375qk
    Xat ID number: Damn (94627310) a.k.a Code.

  9. cooper says:

    my entry is not there :s

  10. Stahpizzaa says:

    Name Heliban
    Description : you are a helicopter and have to dodge obscicles and have
    yo fly a certian ammount of meters withought crashing 1 hour ban is 30 meaters

    Pictures: http://prntscr.com/370ya , http://prntscr.com/370z8
    My id is: Stahpizzaa (219891259)

  11. Harrison says:

    Sorry for double post but I don’t see my other one so I’m just assuming it didn’t work. (These are 4 different entries and my ID is at the bottom)
    Game name: Simonban
    Game description: It’s just like Simon Says (the button version). You have buttons and they light up in a certain order, you then click in that certain order. If you mess up, you lose. If you do it right, then there is a harder version next round. Your ban time determines the amount of rounds you have to get right.
    Relevant links: http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l609/iLoveMyRachieBoo243874268/simonban.gif
    Game Name: Shieldban
    Game Description: You have a smiley that you must protect with a shield. You can use your keyboard to move this shield. Multiple ‘balls’ are thrown toward your smiley and if it gets past the shield, you lose.
    Relevant links: http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l609/iLoveMyRachieBoo243874268/shieldban2.jpg
    Game name: Tetrisban (I don’t know if someone did this)
    Game description: Just like a game of tetris. You have multiple blocks and have to fit them together so that you don’t reach the top.
    Relevant links: N/A
    Game name: JourneyBan
    Game description: You are a person and you must jump over obstacles (such as blocks in the way and holes in the ground) to get to the finish. While on your journey to the finish you must collect a certain amount of coins, depending on your ban time. You must travel 500 meters within 1 minute while getting all these coins. You are allowed to go back if you missed a few coins, but if you don’t get to the finish on time with enough coins you lose.
    Relevant links: http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l609/iLoveMyRachieBoo243874268/journeyban.jpg
    Xat ID number: 243874268

    • Harrison says:

      In JourneyBan you could have it that you can’t go backwards, there is no time limit, and you must get a certain amount of coins before you get to the finish.

  12. Vincent says:

    Game name: GalacticBan
    Game description:This game is based on the classic arcade game Galaxia, in which you control a ship and have to shoot aliens before they destroy you. Use the left/right arrow keys to move your ship, and use the spacebar to shoot and destroy the aliens (smileys). The longer the ban, the more you have to destroy (the groups of alien re-spawn after they are all eliminated, as many times as neccessary. The smileys also move and fly around, trying to kill you).
    Relevant links:
    Xat ID number: 96819406
    Xat Username: Vincent

  13. Andy says:

    Good luck to everyone else!

  14. Andy says:

    Game Name: Danceban Game Description: You need to dance By Hitting to correct Arrow Key’s at the right time You also need to reach an amount of points (Depends on how long your banned) Xat Id Number:Andrewchill12 (165122243) And i liked you on facebook ^-^

  15. Vincent says:

    Game name: BubbleBan
    Game description: Link four or more of the same color bubbles to destroy them. Use space to shoot and the arrow keys to rotate your shooter. Destroy enough bubbles and you can rejoin the chat.
    Relevant links: http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll145/vinnv226/Bubbleban.png
    Xat ID number: 96819406
    Xat Username: Vincent

  16. champ344 says:

    Game name:
    – Dodgeban

    Game description:
    – A dodge-banned user has the chance to get out of the ban by completing a dodging game.

    – Using your arrow keys on your keyboard (left and right), guide your smilie to avoid the mad smilies from falling on you. Bans that last for a small amount of time will have a less amount of mad smilies to-dodge goal. Every 1 hour ban, will have 30 smilies to dodge. If you get banned for 6 hours you will have to dodge 180 smilies. If you get banned for 3.5 hours, you will have to dodge 105 smilies.

    – After you dodge the amount of mad smilies that was set, your time will be recorded and posted on the main chat. The mad smilies though will come down at a fairly fast speed to make it challenging during game play.

    – This power should be un-limited, and the price should be around 650 xats in store.

    Relevant links:

    Xat ID number:
    – KingPutt (300721337)

  17. Josh95 says:

    Ok heres my Final Suggestion im hoping 1 of my suggestions win a Prize….

    MirrorBan: Its sort of Similar the the dance one i came up with.
    Your person is standing and looking in the mirror. But the mirror Person keeps moving . And you have to copy… The longer the ban , The more moves and the faster they come at you. the slower the ban they come at same Speed but are easier like same keys and stuff.

    I do not have a pic for this game , But i asked a question about wether i could post ideas without pics. Can i still win With a good idea but without Pic?

    Also i have an add on the this idea. Levels , level 1 is easy level 2 still easy and it goes up to level 10 at Highest. so 1 hour ban is level 1. 2 hour is level 2. 3 hour is level 3. and so on..

    Thank you for reading m Idea. ID:Supermegacool (164778241)

  18. viki says:

    Game name: FollowBan
    Game description: You should follow the hat that contains the smilie to be unbanned.
    ● 1 hour ban = 3 hats
    ● 1+ hours = more hats and higher speed.
    Relevant links:
    Xat ID number: 51280636

  19. Kaden says:

    A Marvillous Idea I just Thought Up, I Will Call It BandBan, A Game We All have Played Which Will be Similar To Rock Band, All You have To Do Is Push Keys Left, Up, Right, Which As Each Smiley Goes Down The Three ile Line’s, You Push it Coresponding To Where it Approache’s But, You Need A Song, It Can be Any Song From A youtube Link but Must be Appropriate.

    -Your’s Truly Kaden- Chat Safely!

  20. Josh95 says:

    Oh dam , Someone beat me to idea of blockban. Lets just hope the rest of my ideas have a chance :-/ Good luck everyone.

  21. Josh95 says:

    Ok heres a few ideas of mine…

    1.Shoot Ban… This maybe quite hard to make but i think its kind of good.
    There could be a number of ballons that you have to pop with darts… But theres a little trick to it , for eeach 1 hour ban + u get 10 ballons so 1 hour = 10 , 2 hour = 20 however the ballons will be flying round the page…
    Idea by (Supermegacool) 164778241 Thank you.

    2. Dance ban. There could be a Person dancing and it could like say 1 to do move then 2 and mix up numbers if u miss them u miss them thats it. but the longer the ban the faster the numbers come at you and the slower the ban the slower they come at you. Idea by : (Supermegacool) 164778241 Thank you.

    3. Adventure ban. This is going to be my final idea so i hope one of these or my blockban idea wins. You could be like a Flying Penguin and u have to travel a Distance in the air , dodging obsitcules <– However u spell as u go along. The lower the ban , The slower the obsicles come at you. The longer the ban the obsticles come quicker at you… Idea by: (Supermegacool) 164778241 Thanx again.

    good luck everyone… Sorry i didnt have no pics…. I very busy at moment…

  22. xatblogs says:

    Posting for Lizzie of xat.com/contests

    “lizzie here well i have tried to join blogs but have had no success. Heres my idea for a game ban:

    It would be called the Fishing (phishing ban)
    basically there would be powers and xats in the see and you would have to fish a certain amount within a set time.

    Hope you like the idea 🙂

    Lizzie :)”

  23. BigJosh says:

    Ok thank you for the Reply. One more question , Did anyone else submit the same Suggestion of ban before me? I suggested blockBan , Did anyone else have tht idea before me?

  24. BigJosh says:

    Just 1 question. If someone submitted the idea of a game 1st then another did the same idea a bit later , But was in better quality (Like better drawing and stuff) Would the 2nd person Win? I just wondered because my drawing was kinda Tackyish. So i just wanted to know… Thanx.

    • xatblogs says:

      Josh, I would think “no”. If that were the case everyone could just sit back and wait for a good idea, then take that idea by simply creating better drawings, etc… I think once an idea has been suggested it should take priority over anyone submitting the same idea.

  25. zJairO says:

    Game name: (8ballban)
    Game description: In this game, the user will use his keyboard ([←],[↑],[↓],[→]) to move to 8ball. He need go to the rainbow to go to next level. Box ([X]) can be moved.

    If the user is banned for 1 hour. He must complete 3 levels. if the user is banned for 5 hour. he must complete 10 levels.(is example, You can change the amount).. when he complete each level… the difficult is more and more.

    Relevant links: http://i.imm.io/9qVd.png
    Xat ID number: zJairO (131742641)


    Game name: (cannonban)
    Game description: This game is funny. The cannon going to shoot smileys. The user will protect smiley to don’t touch the floor. If any smiley touch the floor.. The user lose. To move Mario the user will use his keyboard ([←],[→]). If the user is banned for 1 hour. He must protect 10 smileys. The user is banned for 2 hour. He must protect 20 smileys… (is example, You can change the amount)

    Relevant links: http://i.imm.io/9qWf.png
    Xat ID number: zJairO (131742641)


    Game name: (scapeban)
    Game description: With your keyboard ([←],[→]). You and mario go to down because the surfaces go to up. You Only touch the red surfaces. If you touch the obstacles or mario touch with the header(http://i.imm.io/9rlS.png). You lose.

    You win points when mario go to down and down without touch the obstacles.

    If the user is banned for 1 hour. The user most win 100 points. if is banned for 2 hours. the user most win 200 points. (is example, You can change the amount).

    For example, if Mario win 50 points the surfaces go to up fast. if Mario win 100 points the surfaces go to up more fast..
    Relevant links: http://i.imm.io/9rmg.png
    Xat ID number: zJairO (131742641)


    PD: I used a translator by google

  26. Devin227 says:

    Game name: (roadban)//(carban)//(driveban)(roadrageban)
    Game description:Take a driving course in order to get out of a ban!
    Game image: http://devin.xcody.com/files/roadban.png
    Game how-to-play: red smileys=dont get;//yellow smileys=get them!
    Game price: 5000 xats.
    Game idea by: Devin227
    Relevant links: n/a.
    Xat ID number:135983150

  27. Kaden says:

    Question, If First Place Broadcasted 2 idea’s Will only 1 be Chosen Of The Idea’s or Will Both be Chosen?

    • xatblogs says:

      Kaden, when we do publish the results if two people publish the same idea the “first published” will take priority over the second.

      I think that’s fair.


      • Kaden says:

        Oh, Alright Thank’s! So Then I only Have 1 Idea left, My First one Was Already mentioned Earlier, ut There’s Always More Creative Idea’s To Think Of ;D

  28. Boom says:

    Game name: Spot The Difference
    Game description: You’d have to look at a picture and spot the difference.

    The picture? it could be a holiday picture, like halloween-based picture for the moment, or maybe you could take Trade’s old chat backgrounds and add/take away small things, its optional, anyway i was thinking having a picture come up when you’re banned, then 3 seconds later it turns around with some changes added/taken away, you’d have to spot the difference 5 times if you’re banned for 1 hours, 7 times for 2 hours, 10 times for 3 hours, then add 2 for every hour.
    I realized, it’d be alot of trouble making so many pictures wouldn’t it? well you guys could always just have a couple pictures, (I’d recommend around 10), then add/take away things from those pictures, repeat with a different item added/taken away and repeat those 10 pictures in a random order if someone were to ban for 100 hours or something, people do that on random chats, I’m a witness 😛

    Relevant links: None sorry.
    Xat ID number: 47251975

  29. barba says:

    Hello I would like the game was put together in pairs with the smiles of every power and also the Powers epics could be used as pairs between them without being the same .. I like the game mahjong style and some kind of music … the power could be called mahjongban .. thanks

    hola me gustaria que el juego fuese de de armar parejas con los smiles de cada power y ademas que los powers epicos pudieran usarsen como parejas entre ellos sin ser el mismo.. todo el juego me gustaria al estilo mahjong y algun tipo de musica…el power podria llamarse mahjongban..gracias

  30. Rhinoceros says:

    A racebanned user has the chance to get out of the ban by completing a race game.

    If you have this power and HAT power you can use a raceban pawn: (hat#rb)

    The Raceban power allows you to ban visitors in your chat and have them play a “Racing” game to get unbanned.

    The game requires you to race a computer (it gets harder the longer the ban). use the arrow buttons to move left or right. Using the up arrow allows you to move foward.

    To win you must beat the computer until the amount of races (depending on the ban time). there will be more computers racing and the amount of objects in the race will increase overtime!

    use arrows to move around to avoid objects in front of the track

    the amount of computer (other racers) you face will increase every round of the race

    Original Idea By: Rhinoceros (378200910)

    you can choose the the type of race using gcontrol like horses, cars, smilies, etc. if you both both raceban and gcontrol you can set default race and other settings.

    example of: raceban


    (horses) but other types of races can be selected

    also i am making more frame for this so if it doesnt move it means i am still building more info the gif file (animation)

  31. creedtrain says:

    -Game name: MemoryBan
    -Game description: -A Memorybanned user has the chance to get out of the ban by completing a Memory smiley game.
    -Relevant links: http://i51.tinypic.com/2f07xoi.png
    -Xat ID number: CreedTrain (370866306)

  32. Devin227 says:

    Game name: (mazeban)
    Game description: Complete a maze in order to get out of a ban.
    Game image: http://devin.xcody.com/files/mazeban.png
    Game functions: longer the ban, bigger the maze, the goal is to use your mouse to guide the rocket thru the maze, but to NOT leave the game area!
    Game price: 2500 xats.
    Game idea by: Devin227
    Relevant links: n/a.
    Xat ID number:135983150

  33. Kaden says:

    Another Idea I Thought Up is, InvadBan, The Game Is Basely On Space Invader’s, And yes Another Old Style Game We All Used To Play, And Yet Maybe It Could be Fun While You try To get Unbanned From A Chat, All You have To Do Is Shoot The Alien Invaders or In Xat You Type (inv) In A Chat And You’ll See Those, The more Hour’s The More There Is. Each Hour Contains 10 (inv) Or Alien Invader’s, And All You Do is Shoot Them, WHich Will Result To be Unbanned. Again, Thank’s For Readng, And Imaging The Idea

    -Your’s Truly Kaden-

  34. Kaden says:

    I have A perfect Arcade Game Ban idea! , I Was Thinking Like A Pacban Power, Pretty Much A Short Game of Pacman Round And The More Hours You get The More Round’s You Play. Like For Example, If It Was 1 Hour It’s 1 Round, 2 is 2 Round’s, Im Sure Everyone Will have So Much Fun With A Great Old Style Game, People Would Love Such A Ban, But Hopefully People Agree, Thank’s For Reading And Imaging Such An Idea.

    -Your’s Truly Kaden-

  35. BigJosh says:

    Note: To everyone heres a couple of Basic ideas to give u a rough idea of what I would like to see.
    1. Maybe a Puzzle ban. Like a Jigsaw.
    2.Maybe a little asault course like Logs u jump from one another but they move.
    3.Maybe a Theme game ban. E.g , Halloween , spot the pumpkings in the picture.
    Summer , You could do Summer spot difference.

    These are just some rough ideas for everyone to get a little Example of.

    Note: Do not Copy these ideas.Thank you.
    ~Josh aka FamousBlue

  36. Frostbite says:

    Game name: Sliceban
    Game description: This idea was from Fruit Slice. You must slice smileys that comes into the screen. (The smileys will be, like thrown into the middle of the screen and the player must slice it. If you slice 3 smileys in a slice you will get a bonus + 5, if 4 smileys in 1 slice, you’ll get a bonus + 10. You will be having 3 life/health when the game begins. Everytime you miss one smiley and the smiley falls back from where the smiley came from (the bottom). Minus 1 life/health.
    Relevant links:
    http://prntscr.com/34h29 – How the game looks like.
    http://prntscr.com/34h36 – If he slices 4 smileys in 1 slice, +10
    http://prntscr.com/34h3v – If he slices 3 smileys in 1 slice, +5
    http://prntscr.com/34h5f – The health/life of the player.
    Xat ID number: (351843763)

  37. ItsBecky says:

    My idea:
    Game name: Bulletban
    Description of game: The idea is, the person who has been banned uses their keyboard to control a panicking smiley to the finish line. But, infront of the smiley, some bullets are being released. The smiley needs to dodge the bullets, and reach the finish. As the ban time increases, the finish line gets further away.
    Links of images: http://prntscr.com/343qy a picture of the game in progress.
    http://prntscr.com/343rr a picture of the smiley at the finish.
    http://prntscr.com/343t2 a picture of what the power’s icon would look like.
    Xat ID number: 218568140

  38. dark says:

    Game name: Copterban
    Game description: The helicopter must avoid the line of sight and reach as far as possible
    Relevant links: http://i.imgur.com/TeFyC.png
    Xat ID number: iFiroDragon (370226248)

  39. imatheuzin says:

    Game name: TetrisBan
    Game description: The game consists of stacking tetris teraminos that descend the screen so that complete horizontal lines. When a line is formed, it disintegrates, the upper layers down, and the player earns points. When the stack of pieces reaches the top of the screen, the game ends.
    Relevant links: http://i.imgur.com/cEEci.jpg
    Xat ID number: 368609647

  40. Frostbite says:

    Can I post 2 entries?
    Or can I delete my first enrty?

  41. foxy1 says:

    I was thinking of a pac-ban (pacman ban)

    You would have it so the more hours you were banned, the more levels you had to beat!
    You would start with 3 lives at default, and the rest is just like regular pacman.
    It would be different, and pacman is an addictive game so alot of people would buy i think :P.


    foxy1 (302561204)

  42. Lala says:

    Hello,i would like to submit my idea SOCCERBAN, as you shoot for goal and the goalkeeper tries to stop it. My picture isn’t any good but anyway. http://prntscr.com/33x5x PS : thought i would just enter because you have to be in it to win it but i don’t mind if i loose so bye!

  43. creedtrain says:

    -Game name: ShootBan
    -Game description: -A Shooterbanned user has the chance to get out of the ban by completing a Bubble shoot game, for more information check out ”Relavant links”.
    -Relevant links: http://i54.tinypic.com/axqxg.png
    -Xat ID number: CreedTrain (370866306)

  44. ICode says:

    Does it have to be animated?

  45. creedtrain says:

    I’ve submit my idea here but people can’t see it… ”Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  46. Ben says:

    Game name: Raceban
    Game description: When you are racebanned, you get a car and, using the arrow keys, you drive or ‘race’ a predetermined amount of laps according to the time length of the ban.
    Relevant links: I used paint and the following links: http://images.paraorkut.com/img/clipart/images/c/car-129.gif
    Xat I.D. number: 164000494

  47. Frostbite says:

    Game name: Searchban
    Game description: You will be finding the words at the box on the right side. There will be score everytime you get a word.
    Relevant links:
    The PREVIEW on how it works. (Made by iFrostbite (351843763) – Frostbite)
    http://prntscr.com/33a1p – How it looks like. (1 Hour Searchban Example)
    http://prntscr.com/33a1s – When you highlight the word and when you already found the word, there will be a check on the box on the left side where the words that should be found are.
    Xat ID number: (351843763)

  48. madhatter says:

    is there a limit to how many ideas one person can submit?

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