Xatblogs GBACK contest

xatblogs gback contest

First off, a big thank you to everyone that helped take the Xatblogs Facebook page past 300+ likes. That was awesome!

While I now sort through the Xatblogs banned game idea entries here, as promised, are the details of the GBACK contest:

To make this as fair as possible for everyone, this will involve no skill set whatsoever.

What to expect:

1. You will be asked to complete or come close to completing a flash jigsaw puzzle (takes 2 to 5 minutes tops).

2. The puzzle, once complete, will reveal the name of a chat and provide you with your only instruction for completing a very simple task.

3. First person to complete the task wins one GBACK power – simple as that!

When is the contest?

A link to the puzzle, with no additional information, will be Tweeted tonight, Saturday, October 1st at 8PM (pst – pacific standard time), on the Xatworld Twitter page.

IMPORTANT: To be clear, when this link displays a date of Saturday, October 1, 2011 and a time of 8:00:00 PM you’ll know that the tweet is close!


The first person to come “close enough” to completing the puzzle is sure to win – so, being fast clearly helps. If you’re in some far off time-zone set your alarm now!

Demo (try this out just so you know what to expect):

I won’t be taking questions on this so good luck to everyone.

———- contest over ———-

1. I tweeted this link via Xatworld’s Twitter feed at precisely 8:00 PM PST:

2. Completing the puzzle would have given you this:

3. The secret code, found on the http://xat.com/xtblogs chat was “I WIN GBACK”
4. The first user to post was LITTLE JACK, second was Rkrd Zdk. I watched it go through and LJ posted 15-20 seconds sooner than Rkrd: