Hide Your Xat Smiley Code – Suggestion!

hide xat smiley code

We don’t ordinarily promote user power or smiley suggestions via our blog or Twitter feeds. In fact, other than promoting our own suggestion once before, on the off chance that Xat staff will stumble upon it, we promote exclusively and only on our homepage (feeling the build up?).

Today we break that rule (there it is!). XatBlogs user Charles has what we (our gut actually) think is one of the more interesting power ideas that we’ve come across lately.

Idea: Hide authored Xat smiley codes

Explained: Xat is full of talented smiley gurus (“Ten”, wonderful “Mihay” (Hi Mihay!), etc…). They spend hours of their time coming up with interesting smiley/power code combinations only to have them ripped by other users once they’ve published the idea. Anyone and everyone can simply mouseover the smiley and take their code. So much for their hard work and originality.

Charles’s suggestion puts the power of “Copyright” into the hands of each author. When activated, this new power would disable the mouseover text that is typically displayed to each user; in essence protecting the long hours that went into creating the smile in the first place. So, when you do finally create you Mona Lisa of Xat smilies, no need to worry, you simply activate your power and whamo! Curious eyes will be met with absolutely zilch, zero, zippo, nil, nada, and nothing (err, or maybe some clever graphic)!

If you’re still not convinced of the genius behind the idea… don’t vote… don’t do anything… but do remember… everytime you copy someone else’s smiley code, a kitten somewhere is sacrificed.


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  1. sa says:

    Hi i want a power for everone, a power nameglow for any no difference and cash is discrimination to who no have this powers of premium

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