Xat Implements New Security Feature

xat security
Xat has just added a new security feature that more effectively protects your account against potential phishing.

How it works

Users that only access their Xat accounts from home or from one specific computer, can now activate “account locking”. This will restrict access to your Xat account to only the one computer that has initiated the lock. If you were to move house or change internet providers you would first have to turn off locking beforehand.

Try it out!

IMPORTANT: xat staff will never ask you to turn off account locking. If anyone asks you to turn off account locking they are trying to access your account and steal your stuff..

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6 Responses

  1. Devin227 says:

    I just currently visited xat, in about 2 months, and I’ve realized that the new xat stinks. I, myself have a dynamic ip address and i cannot use this feature.

  2. Wizards1234 says:

    True Lucas. What if we like to access from many diff computers? Like I. (And the sig makers, what about if we DONT want our IP available to the world?!)

    • Xatworld says:

      Only YOU see your current IP. Everyone sees their own IP address. If someone looks at your sig they still only see their IP address 🙂

  3. xatNapoli says:

    beautiful function thanks staf xat Napoli

  4. Lucas says:

    Though this may seem like a great idea…I believe its going to cause a great number of complications in the future. What if someone’s parents decide not to pay the internet bill for several weeks and then change internet providers before you are able to successfully remove the lock? Or what if someone’s laptop get s stolen, lost or broken before they can remove the lock? This new account locking feature is going to be the failure of all failures. It was a good attempt at trying to protect users from phishing..but when it comes down to protecting yourself…account protection was enough. The users themselves are the key to protecting their belongings…not account locking.

  1. May 19, 2010

    […] « Xat Implements New Security Feature […]

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