Xat New Features and Smilies coming

Xat staff was on xat.com/help this morning for “unscheduled testing” of new features and smilies.

Some of the few new smilies submitted to us from xatblogs.com user iJayy are:

contempt, fedup, horror, look, ribbon, spin, tipsy

All of which are currently viewable on the Xatworld smiley generator.

Those users lucky enough to be in the chat were witness to both user defined colored smilies AND powers, num with capital letters, the ability to add both hands and hair to things like pig (not just yellow smilies), and a few other things.

Pay particular attention to the blog posts streaming into xatblogs.com right now. Many people were able to take excellent screenshots of what was going on.

Stay tuned for more and try out the Xatworld.com smiley generator now while it lasts. 🙂

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  1. SpellChecker says:

    http://spellchecker.xatblogs.com/2010/02/20/new-xat-enhancements-being-tested-on-help/ Read my post, I’ve gotten a lot of screen-shots, mostly pertaining to what was being tested, and pictures of the new smileys. Feel free to post my screen-shots here.

  1. February 25, 2010

    […] ← Xat New Features and Smilies coming […]

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