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Just over a year ago, before Xat vote ever existed, I posted a message to the Community forum that, for the most part, went unnoticed. In it I proposed the idea of a Xat Trade ticker; like a stock ticker. I included a few images and a rather cryptic one sentence message that simply stated the following:

“What about a realtime ticker that tracks the actual exchange rate of the TRADE and CAMBIO safe trade transactions”.

Today, looking back on that message and looking more closely at our xat to day converter I realize that this is taking place on various levels throughout Xat already. Still I’m convinced that a push to total automation and the implementation of an actual “Xat ticker” would be immensely valuable to everyone.

Where to put it? How about above all official trade chats? It could be tied in directly to only official trade chat logs, only for safe trades, and could update on the fly, continuously and non-stop 24/7. Xat could simply implement an algorithm that removed any outliers (keeping potential scam trade out of the equation) and looked more specifically at the mode of each trade. How exciting would it be to see in real-time that Clear was either increasing or decreasing dramatically? It would entice people to either buy buy buy or sell sell sell, making the entire experience much more dynamic!

Here’s just a very rough idea (I couldn’t find the type of ticker I was hoping for) [click here to view full image]:

xat stock ticker

Like the idea? VOTE FOR IT!

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  1. MRLB says:

    I like this idea!

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