Xat’s Semi-secret MESSAGE COUNTER feature

Clearly some people have come across Xat’s message counter and word is starting to spread. Myself…I just found out about it and thought I’d share.

Xat has apparently added a feature to their debug mode (that a debug mode exists may in itself surprise some of you) that activates a message counter. Typing in a line of code sets the starting number and +1 is added to it each time you type in a new line of text.

Note: as far as I know, this ONLY works in the few test chats (xat_test, xatworld, etc…) that exist.

Example: type “/debug msgcount 1” into the chat (without the quotes)

This will do two things. It will activate the counter function for YOU and it will initialize the counter with a value of 1. Any text typed after this point will have a number appended to it. After having entered the code above our preceding line would read something like “This is my text [1]“. If your were to type a second line, it might look something like “This is my second line of text [2]“.

Example 2: type “/debug msgcount 100” into the chat (again without the quotes)

Xat debug message counter

Using the same examples above, with the counter now initialized at 100, you would get this:
“This is my text [100]”
“This is my second line of text [101]”

Xat debug message counter

Why does this feature exist? We don’t know. it may simply be used for debugging the chat or, just maybe, it maybe a preview of something to come.


P.S. You can disable message count by typing /debug msgcount off

Go have fun with it 🙂

Comment below if you knew about this before reading this post!

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