New Stuff :) All in one post!

Okay, I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks now, only popping on Xat occasionally to gather intel, err, I mean info. Anyway, I’ve published quite a bit of new content for any interested users. Here’s a run down (apologies in advance if someone has already posted):

From oldest to newest:

1. Xat sigs/signatures, userbars, whatever you wanna call them:

2. Xat banners – put then anywhere, below your chat on your Xatspace, in your blog (maybe.. I have to check that). Pay particular attention to the one on the bottom of that page; I think it’s the coolest!

3. Nameglow generator – How cool is this thing? 🙂

4. Of course, having done Nameglow, we had to create a Hat generator as well 😉

5. Staff list generator – Inspired by Ziggy’s own staff lists, we just found a way to make it a bit easier.

6. xats to days + power converter – again, inspired by Ziggys own fair trade page this should help everyone when it comes to figuring out some pricing over at Trade.

7. Xat avatar codes – all in one place, no more “avatar lottery which-one-will-get”. Here we’ve listed every single avatar that Xat offers, along with their corresponding avatar code.

That’ it for now… I have some more stuff coming!

Don’t forget about the Xatworld idea factory where you can get free xats and days for simply submitting Xatworld ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. ziggy says:

    Great Stuff Joombly, keep up the great worl on xatWorld.

    Thats why xatWorld is the BEST EVER Resourse site for users.

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