Embed Code for any Xat Chat

Hey everyone! I’m not technically “back” but I wanted to comment on a useful Xat.com feature that at the moment is no longer functioning (thanks Gigya!).

Located directly below any chat we find the familiar EMBED button:

Clicking on the embed button once took us to a page where we could resize any chat to our liking, click the “change size” button, and get an embed code. Well, due to changes over at Gigya (who no longer support the widget), that no longer works. So, until Xat gets a chance to update that page, which I’m sure they will, those of you wanting access to any chats embed code can use a long time favorite of ours…the Xatworld proportional chat resizer.

That’s it. I’m off!


Update 2/25/14: Xat.com has just fixed the EMBED button. Still, if you’re looking for a way to proportionally resize a chat and post it somewhere else, our generator will do that for you.

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