Clear Glitch? Unconfirmed

This hasn’t been confirmed by me, but user MOMO (a.k.a Bert in the image) submitted the following glitch.

If you have the SNOWY power, but don’t have CLEAR, you can emulate it by doing as follows (see image):


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No Responses

  1. moonman1001 says:

    Okay. This is a glitch with the snowy power. If you add #snow#w[anything above 4] it will make it clear. w1, w2, w3, and w4 are 4 different shape snowflakes that can be used with snowy. If you don’t put #w[1-4] after snowy, it will use a random shape flake. Because there are only 4 shapes, if you try to use a 5th one, there in no shape such as that so flash doesn’t know what to put there so flash leaves it blank and that is how you get the clear.

  2. Ondazz! says:

    yes is totally true, i see all my friends gave snowy and have clear glitch… i think put “w5” or somethin’ like this

  3. SUPERDJ says:

    I used w8 😉 . Also when you buy more than 11$ worth of xats you get the snowy power! If you buy the 2,500 pack of xats you get 2 snowies 😀

  4. alex says:

    Yes, this is a working glitch. But you can type “w8” too. It’ll make it clear too 🙂