Tempmem CD Glitch

A few users have mentioned seeing a glitch that allows Tempmem users to add partial (CD) functionality to any smiley. By partial, I mean the headphones only.

Required: Tempmem
How to: Purchase and activate Tempmem, then add “#cd” to the end on any smiley code (i.e. (smile#cd), (mad#cd), (omg#cd), (maniac#cd))


xat tempmem glitch

xat tempmem glitch

If you have any other information, feel free to comment below.


Source: Xatworld blog

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  1. moonman1001 says:

    I turned on tempmem, (omg#cd) had the headphones and (omg#sleep) had the sleep hat, but when I turned tempmem off they didn’t have the headphones or the hat. So I think indeed it has something to do with tempmem. Now if this is really a “glitch” or Darren made this happen on purpose to test these effects for a new power or to add to an old power, I’m not sure. Or maybe he just added a bouns to the tempmem power, huh, who knows.

  2. Vincent says:

    I don’t believe this is a glitch, and you could do this before Tempmem, I know for sure.

  3. joombly says:

    Updated! Thanks Blue 🙂

  4. blue says:

    It’s not just a cd glitch, its also a sleep glitch. If you have tempmem you can also do (smile#sleep) to add sleep hats to smiles