Xat: BlackFriday 2015

Hey everyone 🙂

This BlackFriday we have some special offers from Xat:


– 75% off promotion all weekend – xat.com/promotion


– 1000 users have been selected at random to get powers at half price.

Go here to see if you have been lucky: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php?wid=ID_HERE

Just replace ID_HERE with your xat ID number.

Update: Claim time extended to 24 hours. Another 1000 winners added.

Update #2: 10000 more lucky IDs added

6 x gold, 6 x boot, 11 x angel, 67 x clear, 33 x fade 1/2 price powers are unclaimed.

Update #3: Try your luck again, 20000 more lucky IDs added!

Stay tuned for updates! 😀

Comment below and tell us:

Are you going to try your luck?

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