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Today, Xat announced several changes that may ultimately affect how each of us currently use their service. If you routinely make changes to or add content to your Xatspace and/or chat group page, read on…this will affect you.

Xat’s key objectives, and the primary reason for the changes, are directly related to an increase in the abuse that has been occurring within Xat; specifically as it relates to the use of inappropriate images and site redirections to questionable third-party websites.

Allowed Image hosts:
Xat plans on creating a whitelist of sorts to only allow images from certain, high profile, image hosting websites. Although it hasn’t been decided, Tinypic, Imageshack, and Photobucket may all make the list.

Disallowing Flash:
Flash has always been a big problem for Xat. Should end users be allowed to use it or not? Until now they have turned a blind eye to the problem. Now however, due to constant abuse, Xat plans on limiting the use of most third-party flash content. This alone would block the use of flash based redirects, flash widgets, and flash based images. The good news here is that Xat, aware of the collateral impact, has vowed to find workarounds for certain flash specific products (i.e. radio players, games, etc…).

Xat is currently setting up a test area on an unknown Xatspace and will eventually roll out the changes to the chat group pages.

4 Responses

  1. sneky says:

    I can not put it anyway that I am playing radio is getting rid of please help my radio can be open, thank you.. people want`s to listent to music on xat


  2. csini says:

    Not a good idea, people want`s to listent to music on xat

  3. lindi says:

    i dont think that will be a good idea people get into xat to listen to music removing flash or players is invane to get in xats anymore

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