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It’s been just over a week now since we first brought you the post on the Xat roBOT. Sure enough a testing version has started popping up on various Xat chats.

Doriana, the BOT’s creator, has setup a simple version of the bot on our Xatworld chat,  (AyudaBOT 237681602) and another on Noctambulo’s chat (NoctambuLoBOT (238938943). All it does right now, upon entering the chat, is send you a welcome PC and, if you try to interact with it, repeat or ECHO anything you type.

Added: to see how this BOT could be used, open a private chat with the AyudaBOT, type COLOR CODES and it will respond to your request. Should work! 🙂

Stay tuned!

Note: This BOT is not officially supported by

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  1. Hey

    I’m inrested having a rebot in my chatroom for help

    please and thank u

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