Remove a Xat Reserve Block

Xat has added a new feature that allows frustrated users to remove their Xat reserve.

Xat reserve, according to the Xat wiki

…is a new xat feature to protect your xats, days and powers from other people who would try to scam them from you…

The problem, at least for some users, is that the block can sometimes limit their ability to transfer and trade with other users. Xat’s new tool allows, via phone verification, the ability to lift that block. Of course, with that also comes one small caveat, if you do happen to get scammed you’re on your own.

We’re told that you have only one shot to get it right, so do read through the instructions very carefully before trying it.

Briefly, you go to the new Xat reserve page, fill out the form with your ehem… “correct” information, and click the “Call me now” button. You will instantly, and we do mean “instantly”, scary instantly really, get a call back from an automated Xat bot (our caller ID said Compton for some reason) who will give you a 4 digit pin. Write that baby down and simply enter it into the Xat verification page.

remove xat reserve

If everything goes as planned you’ll get a “Reserve successfully reduced” message.

remove xat reserve

Just watch out for scammers!

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