Trade Application Update

The Xat Safe Trade Application has been updated twice in the last two days. 🙂

The First Update

This update will prevent users from doing the Wrong password scam.

In past, users were able to type a wrong password and get some seconds to change the deal, it would not show a red box so the scammed user would most likely not notice before the trade is done.

From now, whenever you enter a wrong password you will need to re-enter any xats, days or powers you may have entered before.

The Second Update

A search box has been added to the trade App, you can now search for powers. You no longer need to scroll up and down your powers list to find a specific power!


To search, click on edit twice at the top right in the Search section and type the power name. You are not required to type the entire name.

e.g. If you type t, it will list all powers that the name starts with t (tempmod, tempmem, tempown etc.).

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What do you think about this UPDATE?

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