Xat’s Realtime Chat Search – Launched!

megan fox

Yesterday afternoon we were shown a new Xat feature that allows for close-to-realtime-indexing-and-searching of all public chat messages. We were asked to keep things quiet for the time-being but as it looks to have been leaked via the Xat help chat here is what we know.

The purpose of Xat’s new search feature is to make it easier for users to locate chats that might interest them. If for example you wanted to find a chat about Megan Fox, Xat logic dictates that you’d be interested in chats where users are typing in the keywords MEGAN and FOX.

Any search returns a list of what was said, who said it, what chat they said it in, and how long ago it was said; up to and including any message during the last 8 hours. Having said that, users should now note that anything that is said in a public chat is currently indexable and searchable. What’s not searchable are private chats, private messages, member only chats, chats designated as “do not list in the Xat directory”, chats that have been set to “do not store messages”, and ordinary chat boxes (those who’s URL ends in a number and no name).

Keep in mind that this new feature is very beta. Xat is depending on good feedback to work out potential problems.

Have fun with this one!

Tip: Searching for MEGAN FOX will return any message that contains either “megan” OR “fox”. If you want to get a list of messages that contain “megan” AND “fox”, you can use the “+” operator like this: MEGAN+FOX

We haven’t tried other operators but we imagine that Xat will soon work most of them into the feature as well.

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  1. radiomom997 says:

    This search feature is terrible. People keep coming into our chat room angry, flaming, & insulting the entire room because they searched for something & saw a comment that one of our chatters was joking about or said innocently. This feature is causing a LOT of hostility, anger & needless flaming. It stinks.

    I finally figured out how to protect our chat comments (using the new settings), but it would have been nice to have known about the launch of this feature ahead of time.

    We want a public chat, but we don’t want our entire CHAT LOG made public! We were caught entirely off guard & could not figure out where all the angry people were coming from.

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