XAT launches new Trade 2.0

Sometime between today and yesterday, XAT officially launched the new Safe Trade 2.0 trading module with a few notable upgrades.

We like the fact that XAT users now have the added ability of trading Powers with other users.

xat trade 2.0

In addition to that, those users who frequent the XAT Powers page will also have noticed that there are now two additional columns; one for “quantity” and another that says “or check”.

Quantity allows you to buy an unlimited quantities of each XAT power. If you want 5 NOPC’s, buy ’em! You want 69 nameglows? No one’s there to stop you, buy them!

I think the idea, at least what we’re seeing in the Trade XAT, is that you buy in quantity and later sell at a small profit.

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