Xat Live is a Go!

Back in July we brought you an exclusive regarding the mysterious new Xat Live feature. This morning we received confirmation that Xat Live is indeed now available; albeit in a transitional beta mode.

– To activate live mode go to: Edit My Chat -> Extra Features… -> Update And Get Code -> Extra Chat Box Features / Other Options

– Check the check box, “Live mode: 100,000s can watch the chat as spectators”.

You can optionally append ?ss=40000 to the end of any Xat chat group URL (example: http://xat.com/xatworld?ss=40000).

xat live
Once activated, click this symbol to open the Xat Live control panel

More detailed information about Xat live can be found here, at the Xat wiki, and by having a look at our Xat Live tutorial.

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