Xat Adds New Macro Function

Xat has added a function that allows each user to create his own macros.

Macros allow short sequences of keystrokes to be used in place of, usually more time-consuming, sequences of keystrokes. In this way, frequently used keystrokes can be automated. What this means for Xat users is that instead of having to retype the same text over and over and over again, a simple macro can be assigned to it.

Instead of typing “1. no spam 2. no flaming, 3. no begging” each time, a user could simply type “/$rules=1. no spam 2. no flaming, 3. no begging” once. That step would create the macro. Once created a user would simply have to type $rules (note that the forward slash is not used here) to have the corresponding message displayed. To delete a macro, simply type /$rules.

Note that macros are stored locally within the cookies of each users computer and that only he will have access to the macro created by him. If you were to delete your cookies, you would also lose the macros that you have created.

Additional information can be found on the Macros page, of the Xat Wiki.

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