SetScroller Conundrum – Now what?

xat scroller

Earlier this morning, Xat users were greeted with a rather cryptic “tweet” from Xat’s official twitter feed; it read as follows:

“You can now set a chat scroller message using an API call to xat. See”

A cursory search of active Xat messages made one thing very clear; even with the Wiki explanation, few people really had any clue of what SetScroller was, and even less had any idea of how to use it. We’ll hopefully try to clear that up here by keeping things as simple as possible.

What SetScroller does:
Setscroller allows a user to change a scrolling chatbox message without having to physically visit that chat. Instead, users are able to use a preformatted URL (easiest) or coded PHP function (hardest), to automatically make those changes.

How to use SetScroller:
To keep things as simple as possible we will only tackle Xat’s first (the “preferred” method) and easiest option; changing the scrolling message via a preformatted URL.

You’ll need this URL:

  • “Welcome to my chat” is to be replaced with your own desired scrolling message text (note that %20 is required to get spacing between words).
  • “12345” is to be replaced with YOUR chat “id”.
  • “abcdefg” is to be replaced with YOUR chat “pw”.

How to locate your chatbox “id” and “pw”:
1. login and go to your chatbox
2. make sure you are owner
3. click EDIT YOUR CHAT button
4. click EXTRA FEATURES button
5. new page opens, have a look at URL at the topmost part of browser; you should see a series of digits following “id=” and “pw=”, copy and paste each in the URL above as specified

Once you have created your own URL, just paste it to any browser and hit enter. If everything goes as it should, you’ll (1) see a confirmation message that simply reads “OK” and (2) your chat’s scrolling message should be immediately updated.

Note: Xat only allows 1 message update per minute. Users updating prior to this will see the message “Max once per minute”.

That’s all you NEED to know. Stop here and go try it!

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