Xat Planning Smiley Overhaul – Rumor!

new xat smiles

We’re light on details at the moment, but word has it that Xat may be planning to “redo” some or possibly all of the Xat smiles. In fact a source very close to the top has stated that Xat is “close to redoing all the smilies”.

We’re not sure what that entails exactly, but rest assured that if they do it, the smilies will be better than they were before. Do we really need to know more than that? 🙂

We’ll have to wait and see!

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7 Responses

  1. BebitaCrazy says:

    The verdade that they extract very interesting ojala it improves and extract smilies new

  2. Josh says:

    haha that would be nice if they did that and it could take some getting use to if they did but my guess is that we will all like the new smilies better if they do change it

  3. ming lee says:

    i wanna win

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