A Closer look at Xat’s new Banish Feature

Although Banish hasn’t officially been given the okay, some chats, including Freewebs, have been able to test the new feature.

The new banish feature is simply a more extreme version of the normal ban feature. If a user gets banned for more than 1 hour, banish automatically kicks in. That user will not be allowed to see chat messages or the chats user list. They will only be able to see and, if they desire, contact the chats main owner, owner, or moderator; presumably to beg for forgiveness.

Here it is in action:

xat banish power

xat banish power

xat banish power

Note: Keep in mind that this IS NOT a new power and rather a new feature. When Xat has finished testing banish should be available in every chat, albeit at a price.
Thanks again Lizzie!

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3 Responses

  1. Gigabyte says:

    great but some people tinkh that is just waste of xats but my opinion power is great

  2. You says:

    Wow, cool. I went to the list tp see and banished costs 300 xats, will it always cost money? Or will it be free? Anyway, cool new feature.

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