XatBlogs.com relaunch details

I’ve been working on getting xatblogs.com back online for a couple of months now. The holdup, apart from “life”, has primarily been trying to find a solution to a horrendous splog problem that affects this particular bit of software. Ziggy did what he could to keep everything running smoothly, but even so, they occasionally found their way in. With each new splog instance the database just became bigger and bigger and grossly unmanageable. There were also costly bandwidth issues that Ziggy tried to take on but occasionally, as those limits were exceeded, the site got knocked offline. That was then, and a few things have changed to remedy those problems.

During these past months I’ve been bumping the site around from host to host trying to find a balance between cost and efficiency. I finally have all of that sorted out and I’m confident that things will run much more smoothly this time around (*crossing fingers*). The “automated” splog problem will be tackled using either an “invite code”, passphrase or a simple Q&A (something simple).

A version of the above will hopefully be available this weekend when xatBlogs.com finally gets relaunched. Until then, I’ve setup a NEW xatblogs Facebook page for anyone wanting to pre-like the site. 🙂

Note: Anyone who had a blog on xatblogs.com will find it on xatblogs.net; a temporary site created specifically to store a backup of your content. Everyone will easily be able to import their existing blog(s) (or any blog for that matter) into the new site.

That’s about it… Stay tuned and thanks for being so patient! 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Xatworld says:

    Thanks for the support Joshua 🙂

  2. JoshuaRivenbark says:

    I can’t wait until xatBlogs opens up again, because I have been literally checking every single day to see if the “maintenance” page has been removed and having the opportunity to sign up for xatBlogs again makes me so happy. I have been a huge fan of xatBlogs for a VERY long time and I will do anything to ensure it will continue to stay forever. It has been a part of my life, and it’ll always be, thanks!

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