Xat’s Semi-Secret Ignore Function

xat ignore

After asking around a bit, we’ve come to the conclusion that not everyone, *cough*…including ourselves…*cough* *cough*, knows about Xat’s SHIFT+IGNORE function; hence the title, “Semi-Secret Ignore Function”.

Here’s the scoop. By simply holding down the shift key and clicking the standard ignore function, one can prevent the ignoree from PM’ing (private messaging) and PC’ing (private chatting) but can still see what he/she says in the main chatbox; the idea being that many ignoree’s often resort to trash-talk unbeknownst to the ignorer (word?).

What makes this different is that regular ignore prevents you from seeing any/all messages from the ignoree.

We personallly tested this out in the Xat Help chat, and it worked just as described.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i think the gag power sounds awesome i wish i got a chance to test it but who ever gets to test it is a lucky person but gag sounds likme an awesome idea

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