Xat’s Power 56 – Snowy power!

Xat’s eagerly awaited power 56 has transformed into and been released as the new “Snowy power”. With it users have access to a new “Snowy kiss” (see below).

xat new kissess

xat snow kiss

Those users that do not have the new Snowy power can still take advantage of another new Christmas themed kiss called “Globe”. It too is now visible along with the other kisses.

xat globe kiss

In addition Xat has included an easter egg of sorts for the Globe kiss. By appending #reindeer to the end of the kisses message, the default Snow kiss snowman can be replaced by a reindeer.

xat globe kiss reindeer

Update: We missed this before but Xat has also added new smilie power functionality for the SNOWY power. Here’s an example of what you can do!

xat snowy smiles

Update: Xat’s power WIKI has new and updated information on additional Snowy functions.


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5 Responses

  1. joey says:

    sorry, i meant $200 xD

  2. joey says:

    lol darren, that could be possible, if it dont, try doing it over and over and over again if your ready to pay $20 for it 😀

  3. darren says:

    It says that you get it for the $10 ultimate game card so if you get a $20 game card does that mean you get 2 snowys? If yes then you would, like, get 20 snowys for the $200 card! (:

  4. Bandshee says:

    Good post, it definately helped a lot!

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