Xat’s unreleased text pad sidebar – ideas?

Xat has given us access to a secret, yet to be released, text pad sidebar application. If you’d like to view it, try clicking here.

You will see a new app load to the left of the chatbox. Right now you can only type text in the box, save that text to your desktop and load txt files from desktop to app. Simple? Well… Xat is looking for some user participation here. They want your opinion. What features could you see tied to this new function?

A few ideas we’ve heard so far:

– port the chat log directly to the box to facilitate simple copy and pasting
– same as above with the added ability to filter certain aspects of the chat log. Example: show me only ban messages, show me only URL’s posted to the chat, show me those users who say the word “duck”
– use it as a message board only visible to members, mods, and/or owners. A way to leave quick notes to someone entering the chat

Now it’s your turn. Let Xat know what you would like to see by posting your comments below.


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  1. Xatworld says:

    A few more:

    Me: Use it for PSA’s (public service announcements). A simpler version of this: http://community.xat.com/showpost.php?p=16753&postcount=1 Let main owner determine the minimum rank that gets to see it.

    Defect says: create a COPY TO NOTEPAD button (accessed by clicking a another users nick) that allows you to copy nick, registered name and id… directly to the notepad. http://www.mundoxat.com/foro/showpost.php?p=47125&postcount=16

    Noctambulo says: use it to help another user by being able to pass along a useful html/javascript code. http://www.mundoxat.com/foro/showpost.php?p=46926&postcount=10
    – I’ve run into this problem myself. I find that I often have to paste the code to a txt file, upload to my server, pass along that url. This would make the sharing of such codes easier. It would open up a common text box between two users where the could share such info.

    Noctambulo2: logging of daily chat logs, purged at the end of everyday. Accessible only to main owner/owners.

    I’ll post more later…

  2. Xatworld says:

    I’ll post some of the Mundoxat ideas that people come up with in a few days as well as a couple more that came to mind. Xat staff will be monitoring the thread so feel free to post as many as you can think.

    Thanks again!

  3. Melo says:

    Hey, I showed one of my friends the new feature and she suggested color schemes for the side app, and highlighting for the text.
    I thought that maybe it could have effects such as italics and bold and underlining. It could have different colors and fonts for the letters.
    We both thought of this at about the same time: There could be a button near the top (where New, Open, and Save are) that allows you and someone in PC with you to both type on the app together, maybe to collaborate on a power suggestion or pretty much anything else. Kinda like doodle, but it would be user-sided on main (the button wouldn’t be there, and what you were typing would be kept to yourself).

  4. This is my first time commenting on XatWorld! I’ve tested out this beta feature on my chatroom also, so let me give you a perspective of what I would suggest for this feature to be improved. When I looked at it, it reminded me of the Windows Application, “NotePad” and how it looks extremely plain because it doesn’t give you the flexibility compared to, “WordPad”. I was thinking that this could be used as a way to send people, “offline messages” or something. There could be two textboxes. One textbox will allow you to type in the ID number of the person you want to send the offline message to and the second textbox will allow you to type in a subject. There could also be a button that says, “send” which will allow you to send the offline message to somebody, so when that person signs on, he will get an, “OM” (Offline Message) saying what he/she typed. That’s my opinion now. I’m sure that somebody could come up with a better idea than mine but if the administrators like that, that would be cool.

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