BAD – Xat’s censor power coming!

xat bad power

Xat is preparing to release BAD; it’s next unlimited group power. Similar in function to Xat’s “hide inappropriate words” feature, Bad allows a user to censor words of his choosing via a custom list. When typed into the chat, those words will simply be converted (we’re assuming here) to garbled text (example: ####).

Although unconfirmed by us, rumor has it that censored words will have to be 4 or more characters in length. Two interesting questions to ask here. Will censoring the word SEX censor the word SEXTUPLETS as in ####tuplets or would a user have to specifically add “sextuplets” to that list? Also… will Bad include a wildcard (*) feature that allows a user to censor SEX, SEXTUPLETS, SEXTANT by simply adding SEX* to their list (i.e. ###, #########, #######)?

xat bad power

Check comments below for more info…

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  1. mom says:

    got this tried for days and nothing doesnt work…guess i’ll stop buying these items just a waste of my money

  2. Chattie209 says:

    I just sold bad because it didn’t work… I gave it to KyLe555RoCkS. I typed in words that had more then 4 letters and it didn’t censore them!! I even saved changes and had a guy say some of the words. 😡

    • Xatworld says:

      Chattie… I had problems with it too. What I did was deactivate all the other group powers except BAD, then when it started working I reactivate everything again. Seemed to work just fine that way.

  3. Xatworld says:

    Cool.. thanks Brian 🙂

  4. In order to use bad
    It has to be 4 letters or more for it to work.

    So in the box you put sex,bubbles,butt and you press save changes

    If someone said the word “fairesaresexy” that would be censored because it has the word sex in it.

    Also domains can be censored out, e.g adding .com,bubbles,butt.
    If i said in the chat it would be censored out because it has .com in it.

    Hope this clarifies it up for you Joombly.

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