Challenge accepted – Supporter!

…not from us, but from a Brazilian radio station chat; two of them actually (Docedado and RadioCantoUniversal). Seems that sometime this week, RadioCantoUniversal, popped up on the supported list out of nowhere; assigning a record 2345 SUPPORTER to their chat; beating out Docedado by several hundred. Today however, seems that “Docedado” has taken it personally and accepted the challenge. They have added roughly 1000 additional supporter to their chat pulling ahead to 2602.

Here’s where they are right now:


Here’s the breakdown of what they spent to get there:

For U$200 We can buy Xat’s  pack of 33,000 xats + 1980 days (currently the biggest bang for your buck)

Let’s cash those days in to make things easier. At roughly market value we get:
(1980 days * 13 xats) + the original 33,000 xats from the pack above = 60,540 xats

Worst case scenario, let’s say they had to buy supporter at cost (100 xats per unit). Here’s what they spent to get those 2602 supporter:
2602 supporter * 100 xats = 260,200 xats

That value translated to U$ (dollars):
260,200 / 60,540 xats = 4.3 blocks of Xat’s U$200 pack option or roughly U$860.00

Let’s see if RadioCantoUniversal hits back with another purchase 🙂



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