Flash based Xat Now on iPhone/iPod/iPad

xatBlogs.com Ziggy has come across and posted a new app that allows you to view flash based Xat.com chats on an iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad. Although we haven’t personally tried it out, Alwayson Technologies Cloud Browse app seems to give you access to a fully functioning Xat chat via your iPhone, etc…

More importantly, it’s free, so try it out now.

Here are a few iPhone screenies running the Cloud Browse app – compliments of Ziggy:

cloud browse iphone app
cloud browse iphone app
cloud browse iphone app

Thanks also to xatBlogs Matt for posting the images to his blog.

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4 Responses

  1. FrankieBarr says:

    Do you have flashed base for the wii?

  2. Drahpish says:


  3. Bobby says:

    not working in ireland 🙁

  4. Dalek909090 says:

    YAY! i was on pic, i say can i rec here? 😀

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