Win a $10 Ultimate Game Card – Follow us on Twitter!

What you’ve been waiting for; Xatworld’s third of many official contest giveaways!

Last week, after a quick drive to our local 7-11, we procured a fresh batch (that’s more-than-one) of UGC (Ultimate game cards) ready to be cashed in for free xats and days. During the following week, and weeks, we will give each card away to some lucky users until we, well…mmm…until we run out…at which point we’ll buy some more, and allow the madness to continue.

All the details are right here but…psst…follow us on Twitter!

4 Responses

  1. iori says:

    im following you would you know it xD

  2. Larry Faircloth says:

    i followed ya to twiter

  3. GKDaViD501 says:


  4. dexter says:

    i`m not users from xatworld can i to take part in this contest???

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