Getting Your Xat Chat Popular

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In this post I will be telling you a few ways to get new visitors to your chat and how to keep them coming back.

Promoting your Xat chat

If you have any spare xats or days you can promote your Xat chat room. Promoting your chat room will place it on Xat homepage ( It’s best to check how many chats are already promoted before you promote your own chat. If there are lots of chats already promoted, your chat will not get many visitors. If there are only a few chats promoted more visitors will come to your chat. Make sure you have plenty of moderators and owners on before you promote. If people are getting away with swearing, spamming etc.. your chat may get delisted or torched, which will cause you to loose your promotion time and block your chat from future promotions.

Share your Xat chat on Facebook and Twitter

Below each chat there is a way to tweet about your chat or to like your chat on facebook. This will allow your friends and followers to find out about your chat and visit.

Make your Xat chat about a certain topic

If you have a chat about one topic you may get more visitors coming to your chat. You could for example make your chat about gaming. This would bring in more users who like to play video games. There are also a lot of music chat rooms which allows you to relax and talk about the latest tracks. Some radio chat rooms may even allow you to DJ on there radio station.

Ways to keep your Xat chat popular

Keeping it clean

No one wants to go to a chat where users are always fighting. If you want users to keep on coming back make sure you are always polite to them. Keep talking to users of your chat to show that you care. It is nice to keep in touch with friends as you may find yourself being on Xat for a few years.

I have been on Xat for a couple of years now and I have met a lot of great friends who I still talk with when I see them online.

Follow the rules

You should read Xat terms before creating a chat room and before promoting your chat. If you often like to promote your chat and you don’t follow Xat terms you may find your chat getting de-listed or deleted/torched.

Don’t Abuse

You should not abuse your rank by kicking and banning users unfairly. If a user hasn’t done anything wrong don’t just kick or ban them for fun. If you do this then users will probably just leave your chat. Don’t abuse your chat room by scamming users as this will get your chat delisted or deleted. If you are caught scamming users your account may be torched which will cause you to loose all your xats, days and powers.

I hope this post will help you to get more visitors to your chat. If you have any feedback on this post then fill free to comment below. 🙂

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