What happened to my xats/days/powers?

Sometime between last night and this morning Xat did something that they’ve never done (not to our knowledge anyway), they “restored” all or some Xat accounts to a earlier state and Xat trade/transfer had to be closed down temporarily during the process. Now, to put rumor to rest and give each of you “some” closure or clarity (depending on where you stand), we’ve contacted Xat ourselves and here is what we know.

The reason/problem is highlighted in Yellow, the solution for some of you, is highlighted in Green.

If you were one of the unfortunates, meaning your account was “in receipt of stolen xats” (be it intentional or not) every one of your transactions has been canceled and restored to its pre-July 5th state. If you purchased xats after the specified date you should contact Xat by opening a ticket at xat.com/support (direct your question to Payment Problems) so that they can help you.

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