Xat Blogs Reaches 300+ Users in 10 Days

xat blogs

We’re happy to announce that xatBlogs today reached it’s 300th member. Wow, speechless!

As of this post Xat Blogs current member count stands at 316 users and 307 actual xat blogs.

We wish Xat Blogs all the best and look forward to watching them keep growing and expanding their site. Also special thanks to Xat Blogs for supporting our site and recognizing it for what it is; the first and highest ranked English Xat resource site on the internet.

We”ll follow up with Xat Blogs when they hit 1,000 users! Do your part to help them get there by registering for your own Xat blog right now.

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  1. genthosuskana says:

    this is cool. i need days

  1. January 8, 2010

    […] we know, we said we would report back when xatBlogs.com reached its 1,000th user, but since they hit 500 so fast that we couldn’t help […]

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