Countdown to Xat ID 170000000!

Where will you be when Xat’s 170,000,000 ID number rolls around? Word has it that more than one user will be glued to their monitor trying to get the coveted 170,000,000th Xat ID. Why? Well, apart from bragging rights and maybe having a cool looking ID, these ID’s sell for a considerable amount in the trade chatrooms.

If you’re feeling lucky and want to try yourself:

1. Have an alternate email ready to go
2. Clear your cookies – it’s completely safe to do!
3. Go into any chat, type REGISTER, hit enter, then click on the underlined word REGISTER that appear in the chatbox.
4. You’ll be taken to a screen that shows the current Xat ID. If it ISN’T 170000000, start all over with step “2”.

Good luck to everyone!

The current ID, at the time of this post is: 169972807

2 Responses

  1. sk8rdude4444 says:

    hope i get a cool id

  2. The world says:

    170000000 skipped… no one got it… Better luck next time..

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