Xat “Mate” Smiley Added – Spanish Users Rejoice!

mate smiley xat

Mate (pronounced Mah-teh), a popular drink amongst South Americans, has finally made its way to Xat in the form of a Smiley (mate) by way of user suggestion.

Those unfamiliar with the beverage can simply imagine a hollowed out gourd filled with a dried herb. Hot water is poured into the gourd and it’s contents are then sipped through a metal straw called a “bombilla”. More than just a drink, mate is often served in gatherings of two or more people (primarily as an excuse to socialize); each taking their turn (yes with the same straw!) as the mate emptied, topped off, and passed around.

Those wanting to try out the new smiley can either head on over to the Xat test chat (AS3 needed) and type (mate) or play around with the Xatworld smiley generator.

Nice to see Xat making everyone happy!

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