Xat Overhaul – Answered!

xat upgrade

About a month ago we mentioned that Xat was planning to slowly roll out upgraded versions of their smilies. Details however were sketchy at best, as it was only mentioned to us is passing. We now have more information on what’s really going on and why.

Many of you already know that Xat is Flash based. The chats, the powers and smilies, and most of the graphic elements that you see are all created and written in flash. To tap into the processing power of some of the more modern computers, newer and more robust versions of it are continually being created and released to developers. Each new version brings with it new capabilities and increases in performance.

Xat’s latest upgrade, which is still underway, is in effect a way to simply push forward and take advantage of this. With it Xat too will be able to harness some of that much needed computing power. They will for example be able to more effectively process screen captures (doodle already does this thanks to a newer version of flash), have a fully functioning mobile Xat application (mirroring exactly the Xat experience that one would get if sitting at their computer), and much more all the while increasing the speed and reliability of their network.

The smilie upgrade was simply a small part of a much bigger and monumental plan.

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