Xat Resource Sites for everyone?

We’ve been seeing more and more Xat related personal blogs popping up here and there. Few of those blogs however really haven’t gone much further than simple blog status. We think we can change that.

Very recently we started working on an idea to help those users (anyone really) launch their own Xat resource, gossip, and news sites. In the coming weeks, we’ll be working on, and hope to distribute a fully functioning, WordPress/PHPbb driven, Xat resource site that anyone can run. We feel that WordPress, since it is free, has thousands of both paid and free templates, and is easy to use for coders and “non-coders” alike, may be a perfect fit.

Our goal, at least for now, is to preload each site with all the information we can, help dispel any myths about it being hard to setup your own site/domain, and to also point out some secrets that not many people know about; sites where you can get free/paid generators and widgets (i.e. there are communities that exist for the sole purpose of setting up resource sites), free html/php and javascript codes, and tips on both how to monetize each site and how use social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to help generate traffic.

If we find that all of this is doable, we hope to launch this in a very big way and setup our own forum to help answer questions, offer guidance, and get as many people up and running on this as possible.

Stay tuned! 😀

8 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    I want 1,300 xats and 68 or less days.I would go out and buy it but my Rite-Aid store is close and blockbuster is closed too for Christmas so i cant go out and buy a UGC.

  2. Nick says:

    i messed up by accident i meant 980 days not 980 xats hehe im a dummy 🙁

  3. Nick says:

    I want to get 9,000 xats and 980 xats please i can never afford that much money 🙁 im only 9 years old and my mommy and daddy never give me money to buy stuff that i want so i was hoping if you guys ccan giv me that ammount of those thingys 🙁

  4. caferotana says:

    1200 xats and 60 days please

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